The Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Bari (Italy)

Among Italian Christian shrines for each of the Orthodox Russian people of particular importance is the city of Bari is a city that is over 900 years old serves as the final resting place of mnogochislennyh of the relics of the Great Saint of God St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

“Castle manor” or “Bar city”, as it is called Bari Russian Chronicles, was known in Russia as such has almost from the XI century and to the later time belong the first mention of the pilgrimages performed by the Russian people to the relics of the Saint.

St Nicholas famous and glorious in all the Christian peoples, because, as he said in his life, “knows of this great Wonderworker of the East and the West.” And yet the veneration of the Saint in Russia, is special. It is no exaggeration to say that he is the most revered Saint in the Russian Orthodox people, and that there is no in Russia such a Orthodox family, the house, where there Continue reading

Gothic Europe – tour through the Gothic cathedrals of Europe

The Gothic style is meant to overwhelm and delight, so in this style of medieval artists, preferred to build Catholic churches. To this day these cathedrals continue to amaze people, become a popular destination of tours in Europe.

This seo company begins a guided tour in Vienna. In its centre is St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which, along with Mozart and the country’s coat of arms is a symbol of Austria. The modern look of the Cathedral has adopted in the sixteenth century, was partially destroyed in the Second World war and was restored after the war. The highest tower of the Cathedral reaches 136 feet – just six feet smaller than the pyramid of Cheops.

West refused credit Cologne Cathedral is one of the highest buildings of the middle Ages, whose height is 157 meters. There, in Germany, is a Lutheran Minster – the tallest Church planet, towering 161,5 meters. Continue reading