Reformed Gothic Church, wooden bell tower in the village Chetfalva

Sharp wooden spire of the bell tower rises above the stone Church. Only up close you can see that this is not one, but two separate buildings, standing very close is the bell tower built in the XVIII century near the facade of the Gothic Church, which for three hundred years older. Stone temple Dating back to the XIV century, the outside does not seem particularly interesting. Neatly whitewashed small single-nave Church-the Church, built in a defensive style. However, the outward simplicity of the temple is deceptive. Special historical and artistic value is covered with paintings of the XVIII century the ceiling. It is made of wood and divided into 60 squares (tiles), each with painted stylized floral ornaments. The name of a carpenter working on the ceiling, you know – his name was Sandor Ferenc. On one of the wooden squares, the wizard left the image plane, and the other set a date of 1753. But the name of the artist history is silent.

Special glamor attached to the ceiling of the temple Matt black, white and gold colours of the squares on which the unknown painter has caused the amazing beauty of the patterns. Each Board is painted separately, without any system. However, the effect of which gave the connection 60 of the completed pieces together, resulting in amazement. Ceiling-danapoint Ukrainian skirt – female plakhta skirt, in which each square is filled with national aesthetics and traditions, brings people’s vision of the world and spirituality.

Unfortunately, the Church is almost always closed. Especially persistent tourists can try to find the pastor or, if lucky, get into a Church when its open for cleaning. After returning from the trip, we found on one of the sites hint – the Keeper of the key lives in the house with the green gate on the Central square.

Almost thirty-metre high wooden bell tower is one of the highest in Ukraine. Its architectural forms are reminiscent of the defense towers of the past centuries. This construction is considered a real masterpiece of Ukrainian wooden architecture. The bell tower has the original frame structure, which is based on 16 pillars and a multitude of ties and braces. A study in our day, confirmed the perfection of the engineering calculations used in the construction of buildings. The bell tower is a sustainable, harmonious and very beautiful. Its proportions are quite simple: the main part and the spire correlate 1:1, but somehow it seems that the spire is longer. The base of the spire is decorated with four small towers with spires. They contrast with the Central spire and give it even greater expressiveness. Surprisingly, such a high tower has no Foundation, it is just on the ground. And because the Body was badly damaged during the floods of 1998 and 2001, most of the houses in the village after the disaster had to be rebuilt. The bell tower also stands here for three centuries.