The views from the tower Dovmont

In 1982, for the first time since the 1950s, repaired the roof and praporom the Dovmont (Smerda) tower, first mentioned in 1433, and laid over now Smetime gate of the Kremlin, the level of which it is possible now to understand the level Veche square. Dovmont town in Pskov called the springs “City Domantovo wall”.

Dovmontova tower is completely distorted Gothic pseudohistorical the mid-nineteenth century, have been researched and published materials of the Discharge order stored in the Moscow Archives of the Ministry of Justice (the famous volume DEPARTMENT that appeared in the early twentieth century before World War I) and its containing a list of the Pskov fortress, prepared, generally, by the Governor and containing sufficiently detailed descriptions of the fortifications, and “outfits” (guns) on them.

In the end, Nicholas initiated the First of the first restoration of the Pskov Kremlin, without any justification brought into the Gothic, and even Percy (legit wall of the Pskov Krom) refused inclined and not vertical, as it should be and, in addition, inflated by several meters, which “pulled” the error in height all surrounding areas of the fortress wall at the further restorations.

The errors of the mid-nineteenth century in the Kremlin were multiplied nistorical and capricious “restoration” A. I. Hamzavi A. I. Vorobyeva, not used nor documentary or in-situ information.

One of the finest examples of architectural “restoration” tyranny of those years – the building never existed, neither in this form nor in this place “the gate tower” is one of the two towers damaged after a fire on April 28, 2010. That is, the Pskov fortress had received from Moscow a full remake.

Pskov architects were almost entirely excluded from works, money “mastered”. When Vorobyov said indignantly: “What are you doing. “he in response pulled a pass into the Kremlin dining room and said, “Do you have one? No. And never will be. And I have”.

To the bell tower of the Trinity Cathedral, where, during fighting times there was located the “tower Redcine the shoot” (1400), put (a word can not find) a rectangular stone structure with sloping roof – type “half tower”. People still goes and thinks “this way.” And there never was. The pictures are well visible wooden “porch” bell tower – also pridely late twentieth century. Now it is not.

In the Central tower of the Kremlin (1419), to restorations of which many questions, there were so-called “Propellant depots” – the fruit of delirium tremens. Powder magazines Also were in. About how they looked, there is no information.

Just after 1980, entered the history faculty of PSPI and having undertaken the defense of Pskov architecture, I gradually understood and hypothetical views of the fortifications, almost not extant, and with the relevance with the reality of the restoration of the various components of the Pskov fortress.

When the Dovmont’s tower in the spring of 1982 put the forest, not to rise on this point of view was impossible.

I did it twice – in may, when builders were only on the level of the upper prong of the tower and have not yet begun the repair of the roof, and a few weeks later, in the summer, when the forests reached the roof, which is freed from scattered metal sheets of the old roof, under which was discovered a very picturesque post-war (if not earlier) structures (they are visible in one of the photos).

On the surface of the roof was based on the usual ladder that leads to the “Apple” and the ensign.

From this point and made the most interesting shots, including an unusual view of the Dovmont town from above, then included in the book “Pskov through the ages. Monuments of Pskov today. Archaeology. History. Architecture” (St. Petersburg, Firth, 1994).

As a rule, after 1967 Dovmont town was shot from the observation deck of the exhibition hall of the tower, and then turned – on the opposite side.

Apple tower, toy from the ground, was a metre in diameter, and the ensign with the contour of the warrior – my height.

At that time I think I’ve ever felt like a bird above the city.

I had the idea in the restoration of the Dovmont tower to wear on her, as a “cap”, a tower with original shapes, keeping inside the tower “faceted”, a Gothic building of the middle of XIX century and making it available for review inside.

Generally Pskov Kremlin needs a completely new concept of restoration, re-restoration, so to speak.

Need to reveal the place of popular Assembly, the Veche fix the degree, to identify the location of the Veche bell on the Paps, to restore Smerdy gate and shoot them in the Kremlin.

It is necessary to disclose and preserve covered with earth grounds “warm” the Cathedral of the Annunciation, built in 1836 to a capital project of academician of architecture Abraham Melnikov and blown up in 1933 by the Bolsheviks, who refused to recognize the Cathedral a monument of architecture.

I do not exclude that part of the ruins (brick and could not let to housing) can be preserved intact, could show them the history of the Pskov cathedrals in the Kremlin.

You must remove all the later buildings, cling to walls and towers, including bunk “pridely” to the bell tower.

Need to restore the entrance to Kutsuu tower of the Kremlin (built in 1400 it by mistake is often called the Kutekroma), it would be very cool to make it an observation deck (that is another unique point of the review) visit.