Electric batteries and lamps of antiquity

The ancient Egyptians had many underground structures. It is easy to assume that they were illuminated by torches, or candles. Only in one building were found traces of soot, which certainly would cover the walls and ceiling. The assumption was that the lighting was provided with metal mirrors to reflect sunlight. However, the majority of underground corridors too winding. Too much you need to put the mirrors in the reflection of each subsequent mirror much brightness is lost. After the fourth reflection comes almost complete darkness.

In the burial chamber of Tutankhamun, the scientists were amazed at the wonderful frescoes that adorned its walls. Naturally, the question arose: what kind of lighting were used by the ancient wizards, putting murals on the walls? No smoke and mirrors camera could not be covered.

No soot in the pyramids, of course. Only this soot left by the ancient Egyptians, and numerous visitors of the pyramids. Until the nineteenth century visitors of the pyramids used the torches. Wondering about the lighting located in the pyramids of the facilities, he remembered that lived in 354-450 ad Saint Augustine described in his writings were in the temple of ISIS a lamp, which could not repay nor wind, nor water. Such a lamp, illuminating the entrance to the temple of the God Amun-RA, described and Plutarch. Drawing attention to the fact that kovalerov, it was not extinguished for several centuries.

In 1936. the archaeologists, conducting excavations near Baghdad found an oval vessel. After examining its internal structure, scientists came to the conclusion that it could be used as an electric battery. The metal parts of the vessel were insulated with bitumen. And the electrolyte used was sea water, wine or vinegar. When the vessel filled with electrolyte, it, although was made hundreds of years ago, began to give a current of 0.5 ampere at a voltage of 0.25-0.5 volts. Excavations in Iraq, archaeologists have continued after the second world war, in the place where in antiquity was situated the ancient city of Seleucia. And found small clay pots of about 10cm. They were sealed in copper cylinders with iron cores inside. Some of the vessels found and bitumen.

Interestingly, for the soldering of blood vessels was used an alloy of tin and lead, in exactly those proportions in which it is used currently. As the electrolyte, the ancient Sumerians, most likely, was used citric or acetic acid. Ancient elements have been reconstructed. After filling with electrolyte, they gave a current of 0.5-0.6 amperes at a voltage of 0.25-0.5 volts. Again it has been proven that the ancient battery is fully functional. The construction of a temple in Dendera are organised by which scientists dated to approximately 700 BC, on the walls there is a picture of human figures next to the strange items in the form of a bubble, surprisingly reminiscent of the light bulbs. The kind of cable connects this image with the image of the box on which the deity.

Electrician from Vienna Walter Garne, as the result of work done hard work, managed to reproduce depicted in the temple lamp. When he has brought to it the current light lit up. Arguing about the possible existence of the electric lamps in ancient Egypt, we must remember that in a series of legends about the pyramids and temples, are referred automatically radiated in the direction of the door, behind which burned a blindingly bright light. Where electricity is used must be metal wire for its supply sources to consumption. And they were found. Thin copper wires were found in the pyramid of Tutankhamen.

Swiss writer, filmmaker and UFO researcher Erich von d? Niken in one of his books writes that the availability of existing batteries and individual wires is a fact, but necessary insulators. And they were also detected. Found them under the oldest pyramid of Djoser. Egyptologists gave them the name “djed-pillars” according to the records in ancient manuscripts, to deal with “djed-pillars” were only dedicated.

Still it remains unclear by whom and for what purpose it was used by the ancient Sumerians battery, made two thousand years ago. If there was a source of electrical energy, had to be devices and instruments, consuming this energy. But who can teach in ancient times people of such technologies? What else can you conclude except that the technology for producing electricity brought to Earth representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations? Archaeologists often find mysterious objects, it is not fitting into our understanding of the cultures of antiquity. There are so many subjects could not imagine any historian. Could not imagine, but they are. And there’s no escape….