Kolomenskoye is one of the most unusual and mysterious places in Moscow

“History, carved in stone,” it’s a common expression is fully applicable to the Metropolitan Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye”. The snow-white Church of the ascension built in the XVI century the Grand Duke Vasily III. Luxurious Royal gates built in the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich. On a nearby hill stands the Church of St. John the Baptist, built in honor of his accession to the throne of Ivan the terrible. But in Kolomenskoye is another special attraction. And not man-made and natural. This is the famous Voice of the ravine, which the number of stacked legends about him significantly ahead of all other local relics.

The origin of the name “Voters ravine” experts explain in different ways. The romance associated with his “voices of nature”. Indeed, in the summer there are always singing birds, chirping crickets and roaring water in the Creek.

However, more convincing seems to be another version of the mythological. Historians believe that originally, the ravine was called “hair” by the name of Volos, or Veles, the pagan God – the ruler of the underworld and the patron of domestic animals. So could be called this ravine the ancient Finno-Ugric tribes who lived on the banks of the Moscow river long before the arrival of the Slavs.Not coincidentally, archaeologists found in the vicinity of Kolomna numerous traces of ancient settlements that existed here during the time of Ancient Rome.

Indirectly confirm this version of the modern researches of geologists. Moscow, as you know, is so-called on the Russian platform, very stable geological formation. However, each platform has its faults. One of the biggest as time passes under the Golosov ravine. There were even traces of ancient volcanic activity. So these places can be considered the “gateway to the underworld”.

For centuries in the vicinity of Golosov ravine shaggy periodically seen people huge growth. Such cases are described not only in ancient Chronicles, but in the Soviet press. So, in 1926, a local policeman came across dense fog on “the overgrown fur of the savage” more than two meters. The guard pulled out his gun, but the mysterious creature instantly disappeared in the fog. To search for an unusual guest joined local school children. However, traces of his stay to detect and failed. But in the pages of one of the capital’s Newspapers published an article by journalist Alexander Ryazantsev “the Pioneers caught devil.”

Another unusual attraction of these places – two huge stone in the depths of the ravine weighing several tons each. Majority of these boulders are in the ground. On the surface are small peaks. One of the stones lies at the bottom of the ravine, the other on its high slope.

The history of these stone giants goes back centuries. They were worshiped by pagan tribes that lived here about one and a half millennia ago. That’s when the rocks got their names. Bottom of the stones called “Goose”. It is believed that he favored men, giving warriors strength and luck in battle. Top – “Maiden stone”. Accordingly, it brings happiness to the beautiful half of humanity.

The surface of the stones – very unusual. It resembles giant bubbles and dotted with numerous inscriptions. It is believed that the stones has not lost its magical properties to this day. Enough to come here, to touch a hand to their wavy surface and make a wish. To be sure, you can tie a ribbon or colored cat’s house on the branches of a nearby tree. And then the stones where legends still live the spirits of the old gods, will help to realise the dream. Statistics made hopes no one leads, but the number of multicolored pieces of cloth fluttering in the wind, hundreds.