The Boulevard Haussmann in Paris

Signifying an important part of the “Quarter Grands boulevards”, Osman (FR. Le boulevard Haussmann) is the longest on the right Bank of the Seine. His start this wide and rapid Parisian Boulevard takes on the Italian Boulevard (Boulevard des Italiens), intersects with the Strasbourg Boulevard (Boulevard de Strasbourg), in an effort to the Republic square (Place Republique) and imperceptibly into the Boulevard Montmartre (Boulevard Montmartre) is located in 2 km from the quarter. The total length of the Boulevard Haussmann – more than 2.5 kilometers, it is because it is located in two Central neighborhoods of Paris – VIII and IX.

Ottoman shade Alsatian names: the history of the name

His sonorous name b-R Osman is not due to the influence of the Ottoman Empire on the development of the city of Paris. Haussmann, Georges – Ezhena (Georges Eugene baron Haussmann) is a Baron, prefect of the city of Paris 1851-1870. According to a chronicle of the French capital, once on the place where today lies a modern Boulevard, stood a small house surrounded by a garden and it belonged to Alsace, Nicolas Osman, the intendant of Napoleon’s Army. The son Nicolas, Georges Haussmann changed the city’s image, creating projects the most modern buildings and streets, squares and highways of the 19th century. The vivid and unforgettable Paris, which is today a million tourists, largely the work of Georges Haussmann, whose name and kazanbulak. In 1889, at the intersection of labor the Boulevard Haussmann was a statue of the famous prefect of the city work Francois KONE.

The Grand Boulevard the great structures

The most famous building located at b-d Osman, for some reason considered to be the Galeries Lafayette is a famous clothing store, accessories and home goods. However, the huge shopping Mall is just one principal for tourists interesting object. Two steps from Galleries is located the majestic Paris Opera Garnier theater, erected in 1874 under the project of the then little known architect Charles Garnier. Opera is located in the eponymous square, while b-R Osman passes behind this temple of culture.

On the Boulevard is also located and arch-rival Galeries Lafayette is a famous Department store Prints (Printemps) – a monumental building of this shop was built here in 1889.

Near the Opera is the Museum Fragonard perfume. The entrance for tourists is free. In addition, in the vicinity of b-RA Osman stands the city hall of Paris – Hotel de ville, with its interesting architectural shape. Tired guests will enjoy a typical French cafe “De La Paix” (the literal translation of “Cafe harmony” or “peace”) – it lurks at the Paris Opera.

From this area, you can go by train to any of the towns of Ile-de-France or Normandy – the Printemps Department. serving these areas, is also located here.

Especially keen and curious travelers will be interested to look at St Augustine Cathedral – it is located in the eponymous square, which Osman crosses, in an effort to Montmartre.

Many small stores music products, Bank “Societe Generale”, the newspaper “Le Figaro” – also found their cozy home on one of the “Great boulevards”.

Walk or take public transportation?

If you have enough time for walking through the famous Boulevard, it should not hesitate to go through it completely – starting right with Etoile (place Charles de Gaulle) – easiest way to get here by metro station Etoile (Etoile). For those tourists who wish to immediately get into the heart of the Boulevard, other options – station Opera – if You to the Garnier Opera, Chaussee d’antin La Fayette – if your choice fell on trading house Lafayette, subway station Havre Caumatin for those wishing to visit a Department store “Prints”. The Paris city Hall and the railway station Saint-Lazare you will lead the metro station (Hotel de ville and Saint Lazare). All stations, conveniently located in the area b-RA Osman, belong to the three lines of the Paris subway: 2, 7 or 8.

The location of Boulevard Haussmann in the heart of Paris makes it very accessible to residents and tourists in its different points are constantly buses № 21, 22, 27, 29, 42, 66, 68, 81 95.