The material and the construction of a Gothic Cathedral

The basis of Gothic design amounted to a cross ribbed vault (a rib – shaped protruding rib of a Gothic cross vault). Usually the edges of the arch emphasized the projecting rows of stones, and the use of Lancet arches to maintain the arches that were known in previous periods. But together these and other parts of the Gothic design has received a new Boolean value.

Scheme of ribbed vault
In Gothic has changed the system of a masonry ribbed vault. The ribs are now completed with the erection of the arch, and preceded him. 4 support was originally connected jaw arches (the arches at the ends of the arch), then threw two diagonal arches of ogive. This design was the skeleton of a future set. Forming the arch are called ribs. They were designed to bear and seal Stripping posted from lightweight slabs of stone. Ribbed arch favorably with a massive Romanesque by the fact that the point of application of the forces of gravity and thrust has become very clear for the builders. An important innovation of Gothic architecture was the consistent use of Lancet arches as the first end, and then and diagonal ribs. They had less thrust, the main pressure was directed downward, on a support. Vertical supports – foundations, steel wall and not a working part of Gothic architecture. To remove the occurring load, a lateral thrust of the arches was quenched due to the additional subassembly placed outside of exterior walls – retaining blocky pillar buttress, topped by pinnacles (decorative gabled turret). Buildings of the basilican section, where the middle nave was higher than the side and between the outer side wall of the nave and the raised part of the nave there was a spatial gap, it became necessary to use special connecting arches – were added, which had to be moved from the heel arch of the main nave, on the pillar side. In addition to the lateral thrust of the vaults of Gothic cathedrals felt the pressure of arched structures arranged along its longitudinal axis. In the repayment of their thrust role played tower at the entrance and supports additional decoration. The selection of frame construction and the changing role of the wall (it turned out a bearing in the fill and the bounding element of the building) opened the opportunity to create significant openings, which facilitated the architecture and gave her the opportunity to grow rapidly upwards. Ribs are arch, are its structural basis, and at the same time make visible lines.