The mosque Juma-Jami mosque in Eupatoria

Juma-Jami, aka Khan-Jami – Friday Cathedral mosque in Eupatoria. It is located near the Park. Garayev; towering over the surrounding buildings and is visible from the sea and from the shore. The mosque (on Friday, according to tradition, was born the prophet Mohammed) was laid in Gezlev by a famous Ottoman architect Khoja Sinan.
Friday mosque Juma-Jami (Friday, according to the legend, was born the prophet Mohammed) was laid in Gezlev a year later after coronation of Devlet-Girey I, in 1552 the famous Ottoman architect Khoja Sinan. The construction lasted long, more than ten years, and ended, as expected, in 1564 Under the vaults of the new temple were announced in Istanbul received the right to the Crimean Khanate (the firman), fastened here signature Khan in a special act which was kept in the mosque permanently.

This is the only multi-domed mosque in Europe, a monument of world importance. In the list of buildings of Sinan it is listed at number 77. It took place the coronation of all the Crimean khans. In the courtyard of the mosque are the graves of Turkish generals who died during the Russo-Turkish wars of XVIII-XIX century

Recently, the mosque Juma-Jami renovated: newly rebuilt the minarets and the gallery of the main entrance, replaced by the preserved samples of worn-out architectural details inside and out.