10 most scary places in Kiev or where to celebrate Beltain

Perhaps, all have heard of Walpurgis night . when, according to legend, witches gather on a Grand Sabbath. But with a fantastic celebration called Beltain familiar to few.

In fact, Beltain (aka – Beltan, Baltan) and Walpurgis night falls on the same date – the night of 30 April on 1 may. To celebrate this event for the first time thought of the ancient Celts, who saw in it a symbol of the final victory of spring, sun and of light over evil darkness. As we know, the Celts were pagans. So it is not surprising that with the spread of Christianity, the celebration of fertility and love, merged with the day of Saint Walpurgis, national consciousness was transformed into “professional” holiday of evil forces. Something like the second, spring, Halloween, if you want.

How to relate to one of the most mysterious nights of the year, each of us is free to decide for himself. Consider Beltain beautiful calendar as a reason to tickle your nerves? Then you certainly would be interested Top 10 most scary places in Kyiv – city, shrouded in centuries of mystery and mysticism.
To the delight of all legendary witches and their real followers, in Kiev there are five bald mountains. They are called so due to the fact that on their tops there is no vegetation. But, they say, in these places there is anomalous energy. Most popular Bald mountain is located in Holosiivskyi district in the South-West of Adria.

It is believed that somewhere nearby opened the gates to the underworld. According to legend, during the invasion of Batu Khan in the surrounding caves were walled in Kiev, whose souls today can not find peace. And Pechersk monks created here the first underground labyrinths. So is it any wonder that nonconformists, esoteric and curious tourists of the twenty-first century the hill on Vidubichi attracts, like a magnet.

Castle Of Richard The Lionheart

House of the weeping widow

Anyway, in the rain drops sculptural composition “tears” and become like a disconsolate widow of the last owner of a construction Tevye Epstein. Hence the name – the House of the weeping widow .

Post office

What could be a terrible post office . you ask? First, the fact that in the XIX century on this place, in the house of burghers Dyakonova, was first documented case of poltergeist manifestations. “Noisy spirit” was moving the furniture around and threw various objects, what prompted the police to make it a Protocol.

Green theatre

Flannelette cemetery

Abandoned laboratory

Plant “Radical”

Babi Yar

Moscow bridge

He is known for constant traffic jams that occur for no apparent reason, as well as large-scale accidents occurring under very strange circumstances. No training on traffic rules, not even the rites of consecration of the bridge until help. And hardly ever will be useful.

That’s so creepy sometimes may appear in our beloved capital. But we remember that darkness is not possible without light just as light without a shadow. If anything, the us will definitely save the Archangel Michael – the patron of Kiev, depicted on its coat of arms and designed to protect the city from evil forces and all sorts of troubles.

10 most scary places in Kiev or where to celebrate Beltain

On Beltane witches fly on the Sabbath, and we, mere mortals, are looking for bright emotions and mystical adventures. How about the worst places of the Ukrainian capital?