The lock function

Castles – buildings scattered all over the state of Aden. Owning a castle, the clan gets political and economic control over surrounding the castle area, including the ability to raise taxes in subordinate cities. Castle has similar functions and Hall of the Clan, however, the functions of the castle more. You can navigate both inside the castle and outside, using the Portal Keeper.

By default, the Lord has full control over the castle and operates it for himself alone, but through the window of the Privileges he is able to shift some functions to the players of his clan.

The Lord can change the tax in the slave shops of the city and to earn income from the Herald. Since the city of Aden is the capital of the eponymous state, its castle collects taxes not only from the Aden, but also with the cities of Gludio, Dion, Giran, Oren and Innadril. Rune, being the centre of the Kingdom of Elmore, collects taxes from suchart and Goddard.

The Lord of each castle also disposes of the manor, sells seeds to his site and buys the products grown from these seeds. Finally, the Lord has the exclusive right to climb into the sky riding on a giant dragon and take flight.

The castles of Gludio, Dion, Oren, Giran and Innadril

The starting points of the defending clans are dwelling inside the castle. Swarnalatha is in the room behind the throne hall. Ways of penetration of the attackers inside the castle, passing the outer wall does not exist, but there is a passage leading to the outside, which can be used by the defenders.

The architecture of the castle Stuttgart

Similar to the castle Goddard castle has two artifacts (Altar of Air Altar of Earth), for the successful completion of a siege you must obtain control over both Altars.

Ben appears in the Rune castle dungeon 24 hours before the beginning of the storm. The defending party can teleport to the battle with the monster until the siege began.

If the defenders of the castle still didn’t kill Ben, and the assault has already begun, then the monster will appear in the inner chambers next to the throne, when two (or more) Watchtower will be destroyed. After the appearance of Ben will attack both as attackers and defenders.

The castle has a double line of defense. To get to the inner chambers is possible by overcoming the two walls. In the first wall there is a gate, you can destroy the masonry walls, using siege mechanisms. Once a cut is made, the attackers will be able to get inside. The second wall also has a gate and some places in the walls that can be destroyed with the help of Golems. To enter into the throne room by 2 narrow aisles on the second floor or third after breaking the main gate.

In the area between the first and second wall, there is a wide variety of traps that impede the actions of the attacking side. The basic structure of the castle is no different from the rest.

The fire Watchtower is the building, which allows to significantly increase the protective performance of the lock. She has the ability to add special areas in the castle that hinder the advancement of the attackers. Each zone has four degrees of improvement, Lord can buy them for adena. If the attacking side was destroyed by Fire Watchtower, all bonuses from buildings are lost.