Kolomenskoye is one of the most unusual and mysterious places in Moscow
"History, carved in stone," it's a common expression is fully applicable to the Metropolitan Museum-reserve "Kolomenskoye". The snow-white Church of the ascension built in the XVI century the Grand Duke…

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Khan Uzbek mosque and madrasah ruins in the Old Crimea
Khan Uzbek, became an adherent of Islam, ordered to build in Solkhat beautiful mosque and the highest Muslim religious school - madrassas. Khan Uzbek mosque is the earliest in Crimea.…

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Lutheran Church in Sudak

Lutheran Church in Sudak is a monument of German culture and architecture in the Crimea, built in 1887 for German colonists, who came at the invitation of Catherine II. Geographically located in the Cozy village, but today it has practically merged with the town of Sudak, can be safely attributed to the Church Sudak attractions.

Lutheran Church is geographically located in the Cozy village, but today it has practically merged with the town of Sudak, can be safely attributed to the Church Sudak attractions. On the monument of German history and culture there is a memorial plaque with an inscription stating that the present building of the Church from 1887 to 30-ies of XX century was located on the territory of the former German colony of Sudak fortress.

a Germanism, is usually used to refer to the Lutheran ritual structures. Original German meaning — the Church.

From 1805 on the site of the present village of uyutnoye was a German colony of settlers from württemberg. At the behest of Catherine II arrived foreign colonists to settle on the liberated lands migrated to Turkey the Crimean Tatars. Near fortress mountain rose neat German houses with lush gardens. About the German inhabitants today like only a few plates in the old cemetery on a high hill at the entrance to the village. In August 1941, all residents of the colony were deported.

The Lutheran Church was built in 1887 by the religious people of the colony. “Let there be peace in this place. So hath the God of hosts,” reads the Gothic inscription above the entrance to the Church.

In Soviet times, the Lutheran Church was transformed into a typical Soviet cultural institution, and it housed a cinema and a club. Today in the building of the memorial services are held for Christians-Baptists, there is also an exhibition hall of Sudak Genoese fortress. In 2002 There was an exhibition of wax figures of famous people: Grigory Potemkin, Catherine II, Mikhail Kutuzov, Nestor Makhno, roxelana and others.

The area around the Church is a real Museum under the open sky, there you can see the monuments of different eras. First, it is the Church of X – XII centuries, located in the courtyard of the Church. Behind the iron fence near the Church there is a small Lapidarium, which contains tombstones from the graves of prominent citizens of pike-Perch. It was once a large cemetery, closely adjacent to the Lutheran Church.