Ancient structures and civilizations

The mystery of the megaliths has long been concerned about humankind. And recently
interest again increased dramatically due to the findings of megalithic
structures on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean 40 km away from Bahamas
Islands. The oldest of these facilities date back to Sach VIII
Millennium BC.

Megaliths belong to different epochs. They were erected in the VIII Millennium before
BC, they were built on the Islands of Polynesia only a few dozen years
ago. Who was the first Builder and with what purpose was created multi-ton megalithic structures? Until it is clear. Known, the megaliths obviously gravitate to the sea, and the farther from it, the less largest become of stone buildings. Legends like fog enveloped them, but there are all these legends something in common causing us again and again to conceive I over the mysterious events of the ancient the history of the Earth, left an indelible mark in the memory of man generations.

Polynesia… the riddle of its well-known and the legends preserve the imprint time. Some myths accurately reflect the main stages of the history of of the Polynesians. On the Islands of Polynesia are found many megalithic monuments: dolmens, majestic, but off military time temples, canals. The construction of these structures is attributed to the Polynesians or red-bearded white gods who came from the ocean, or the dwarfs, coming down with a flying three-tiered island Kuahelani. Polynesian legends devote much space to the mysterious people dwarfs – menehune. Legends say that menehune – ugly creatures whose height ranges from 12 to 90 cm; they are only vaguely resemble humans. View menehune, focused and fixed, terrifies him action m turn to stone. Renowned scholar of myths of Oceania leads the following words the Polynesians on menehune: “Any work they do effortlessly, in one
night and end before sunrise”, “no hard work”. Some legends, of talk ing about the simplicity of the dwarfs (do not know how to make fire, to cook on it food, etc.), allowed to think that menehune was the indigenous population of Oceania. At the same time all Polynesian legends give menehunes on others. However menuju s friendly and often help people. Menehune appear sunset: they don’t like sunlight, because under supernatural traits: for example, the ability to mutate and to cross a water space without the aid l of Doc. A number abilities described in the legends, otherwise than not telepathic name. In addition, legends are unanimous and they all claim that menehune – nation builders, who built many
structures, including megalithic, apataki not fit with the thought of the primitive culture of dwarfs.

Is controversial and the location of the homeland of menehunes. True, the Polynesians no doubt that the dwarves have come to other the island of Kauai. But as they attacked on the Island? Legend said that once the gods created the three-tiered island AMC Saturday, she obtained and settled the tribes of dwarfs. Among them were menehune. Ruler the island became Kanahooka – a relative of one of the major deities of the Polynesians. Kaahumanu was the high priest of the island of Kauai. Here he writes about Kuihelani K. Luomala: “Whelan fabulous island floating at night in the clouds or in the ocean. When menehunes need had to move for work to other Islands, a magical island of soft dropped from the clouds to the ocean surface and swam to need the island where visa by menehune. If they have no desire
to remain in these valleys, the island took them back.” Many megaliths are also found in Australia. Their construction is credited to or mysterious voneinem that came out of the sea and depicted creatures without mouths, with halos around their heads, or dwarfs, according to legend inhabiting Australia.

In our country the most famous megaliths of the Caucasus. Narrow chain they stretch along the coast of the Black sea. It is believed that the most early dolmens built here at the beginning of the II Millennium BC Even modern technical means it is difficult to build this Grand construction. And here is how the book “Monuments of primitive art” A. Formozov transportation of such dolmen: “IN 196 year solved
had to carry from Aseri some dolmen in Sukhumi – the courtyard The Abkhazian Museum. Chose the smallest and brought him lifting crane. Not as secured loops of steel cable to cover plate, it don’t budging. Caused the second tap. Two cranes lifted multi-ton the monolith, but raise it on the truck was they were not capable. Exactly year roof was lying in Aseri, waiting at Sukhumi will be a more powerful mechanism.
In 1961, with the help of this mechanism all the stones were loaded onto cars. But the main thing was to come to assemble the house again. Reconstruction was carried out only partially. The roof was released on four wall, but to expand it so that their edges in the slots on the inner the surface of the roof, could not. In ancient times plates were fitted each other, so that the blade of a knife between them do not climb. Now here there was a big gap”.