The mysterious dolmens Sochi

Almost simultaneously with the pyramids of Egypt on the planet appeared strange buildings of the origin of megalithic dolmens . Some of them are huge and equal in its dimensions to Stonehenge, and others tiny. However, they both present an interesting finding, which is attractive to tourists and locals.

Very entertaining the fact that many years of research have not given a final answer to the question of what actually are the dolmens in Sochi . Take, for example, the tombs of the pharaohs. 2000 years of our era, mankind has studied them enough that has knowledge, the superior knowledge of those people who created these tombs. Alas, the same cannot be said about the dolmens, which are a mystery to scientists to this day.

About the creators of these megaliths there are legends that cannot be confirmed by any historical source, because 4,000 years ago the indigenous peoples had no writing system. So scientists have to build their guesses: some find that dolmens are tombs, others see them as observatories and temples. Some believe that the origin of the dolmen the divine or alien.

On the territory of Sochi has survived many such monuments of the ancient era. They were built in places where today are located the villages and towns: Krasnaya Polyana, Cadaval, Solokhaul, Volkonka and so on. On one meadow we can observe the band of fifty dolmens, while in another is just one raduzny “house”. Next to these buildings, very often find the remains of hearths where fires were burning, and sacrificial (as scientists believe) tables. This confirms the theory that these structures were used as burial grounds. It is this theory, and adheres to the science, suggesting that dolmens were originally constructed exclusively for the priests and chiefs, and then for each member of the tribe.

For us, the Russians, the dolmens are of purely aesthetic interest. Well, sticking up out of the earth a thing that looks like a doghouse, and each subsequent virtually no different from the rest. However, for the indigenous people who inhabited the black sea coast, the dolmens played an important role: if you look closely, in the forest you can see old stone mounds, of which the trees grow. They represent an ancient cemetery. Entertaining the fact that these cemeteries adjoin to the dolmens and, most likely, not accidental.

In Sochi there are many examples of dolmens-megaliths, which you can find by yourself, however there are also organized and special tours to the places where these things are unique and one of a kind megaliths.