Melitopol mystery dungeon

Our city is literally teeming with ancient tunnels, cellars and catacombs whose information is strictly classified. The presence of these underground structures provides food for many urban legends and spooky stories. Many of them actually are true…

Our city is literally teeming with ancient tunnels, cellars and catacombs whose information is strictly classified. The presence of these underground structures provides food for many urban legends and spooky stories. Many of them actually are true…

Museum secrets

The presence of various underground constructions (shelters, bunkers and underground tunnels) in Melitopol became a byword. For clarification on this topic “Our town” appealed to the employees of Museum of local lore.

In different times the Museum was approached by people asking for help to find information about underground tunnels, or the people who are interested in Melitopol dungeons.

Such enthusiasts appeared and started in 90-ies — responsible researcher of the regional Museum Valery Timofeev. — And also afterward — when I returned to Museum work after journalism in 2007, I was faced with such requests. Most likely the people reading about the underground facilities in other cities, wondered — “is there such in Melitopol?”.Uniquely to this question to respond it is impossible, there is no credible documents. But different stories about the caves we live in a city, so to speak, of the oral folklore. I’m in the 90-ies when writing the article “the secrets Nevsky Cathedral” was used by such legends. At the time, walked give that the site was blown up by the Bolsheviks of the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky (indoor pavilion of the Central Market), in underground structures preserved by the library. But the archival data on this subject could not be found. In General, this is a very interesting topic, and if there are people who have the necessary experience in the dungeons, the tolerances, they would have been able to undertake interesting work. The main thing to understand why you climb up there. If in search of extreme sports, it is better to play sports. If you’re driven by scientific interest, the desire to learn new things, to make for example a map of these dungeons, that is another matter. But the main thing is safety, and the necessary qualifications seekers. Better to let the professionals do that sort of search, and not teenagers looking for romance. It would be nice if the city had such a group of enthusiasts who are ready to get serious about finding and exploring dungeons.

Historian Valery Timofeev many years studying the legend of Melitopol dungeons

And secrets is really lacking. So, say the Museum, no employee of the Museum, neither the current nor the veterans Museum, the living, don’t know that to be in the basement of the building Museum.

Basement brewed and walled up immediately after the liberation, in the late 40-ies — says the acting Director of the Museum Valery Progin. — I there never was, and not one of the staff as well. We don’t know what to be under us, there are no documents or archives about this. In the building were the commandant’s office and German, and Soviet governing institutions. We don’t even have the right to go in there, there is still a ban left over from Soviet times. And it’s not safe. The building is old, you can break the mounting structures. All communications pass over the earth. In order to start work in the basement of superiors(Department of culture, city hall). Need specialists with special equipment able to work in the dungeons. And while I can’t even begin to show you where the entrance to the basement.

Melitopol digger, looking for entrances to dungeons in the old cellars. Finds.

The Museum basement, it’s certainly an interesting premise, but not the ability to get there or what I don’t know, — says the Deputy of the mayor Yury Onishchuk. — Now we study the x-ray technology of sewer pipes, perhaps it can be applied to the study of cellars.

Koltsov, Ivan Evseyevich . world known expert in ancient civilizations (Moscow): “studying the ancient peoples of the globe, to have to see a great variety of ways to create shrines and monuments over them… One such area is the southern (and South) of the Zaporozhye area. Only in the area of Melitopol hollow underground structures (tunnels, galleries, tanks) have a similar pattern: the southern part of the Zaporozhye region is crossed by trunk moves. You can verify this using aerospace filming purpose… Penetration into these dungeons can give a large knowledge about the past”. (From a letter to the Director of the state reserve “Stone Grave” Boris Mikhailov, 1998). I should mention here that this letter was accompanied by a plan revealed from space dungeons, which drew the Koltsov I. E. in aerospace images.

The underground city

Melitopol dungeons is not a fairy tale and not fiction. Home “old town” almost all were built, with big, deep basements, and most often interconnected by underground tunnels. Such a structure traditional for that time period.

Former Director of the Museum Larisa Petrova , told us about the mysteries of Melitopol dungeons.

– The Museum building, the former home of banker Chernikova is a vivid example of pre-revolutionary architecture of Melitopol. Indeed, now the Museum cellars bricked up and running there. But in 1986, I, with the Museum staff Peter Zamkowym, and Basil Domowym down there. It all started with what seemed to us like the building of the Museum is “alive”. That is, when a large number of visitors, it vibrated, and we feared disaster. The cause of these vibrations could be groundwater, so we decided to go down to the basement, and to check their status. At that moment the entrance was under the main stairs(there is now a bathroom). We went down to the dungeons,obazavil ropes, scarves and flashlights. Had to go very carefully, so as circle construction waste was Yes and we could come up against cellar dwellers — bats.

Larisa Petrova: Underground tunnels between the basements of the houses of the old town – a common phenomenon.

As noted Larisa, in the days of merchant Chernikova, ground floor with might and main used in the household home. There lived the servants, was the kitchen, coal furnace that heated the whole house. In the cellars were arched Windows covered by bars(in the early 90’s the Windows were bricked up). Cellars concreted and had electricity, the electricity held here, back in pre-revolutionary times.

The house is equipped with a unique ventilation system — wooden box covered with shingle, passed on through from the basement to the roof, and together with the arched basement Windows have created a system which is preventing the building absorbs moisture.

During our survey of the cellars, — says Larisa Petrova. — Peter Tankov, told me how he under the direction of former Museum Director Boris Mikhailov was walled up inside a basement.

According to Peter Zankov, In the 60-ies, when the Museum moved into this building, instead of city party Committee, at the request of fire-fighting service had to lay part of the premises. Including walled tunnels that led behind the building. So watched rumor has it that one of these closed walls of the passages, led to the building on Dzerzhinsky street 72 (former station “ambulance”). Rather, such moves were under most of the older buildings in the lower town.

Later, in the early 90’s, the groundwater began to occur, and the entrances to the basement had to be closed.

According to Larisa Petrova, extensive basements exist in many office buildings. So under the Treasury building are large cellars, before there be spetshrane. The premises where now located the military (in pre-revolutionary times — European hotel). has a good basement with waterproofing. Basements of buildings of the Executive Committee and of the Palace of creativity, are likely to have the messages under the ground. Dungeons and located under buildings of the upper town. So in the building of the SBU, in the 60-ies, there was a children’s garden. And in the arched cellars for kids cooking. Under the Central part of the city there is a vast bomb shelter. And on-site THATOU actually was the headquarters of civil defense of the city, with special classes and storage facilities for gas mask and chemical protection suits. In the city there were rumors about a bunker under the building of the city party Committee (now the pension Fund). Actually no bunkers, and even deep basements there. There are common technical areas.

I can confidently say that the network of caves in Melitopol there is, as in the lower town and upper. Although the old cellars and tunnels might collapse.

Mikhailov Boris Dmitrievich . the Director of the state national Park “KN Jan grave” (the Grave Stone): “Herodotus wrote that, fighting with the Persians, Scythian warriors and then went into open battle with the enemy, and attacked suddenly, as if growing up from the ground, having defeated the Persians, again disappeared. If not in underground galleries disappeared the Scythians?… Undoubtedly, one thing: on melitopolske are huge underground voids. Their size, purpose — all this remains a mystery”. (From an article in the local newspaper “the mysteries of the underground melitopolsky”, 1991).