Mysteries of the era of megaliths

Since ancient times, come down to us a rich heritage, painting, poetry, music, but most of all I admire architecture of the past. Huge cyclopean structures, it strikes imagination with its grandeur and its ubiquity. Egypt, Feast, Easter island, UK, Asia and everywhere else the old man had left a memory in the form of Grand buildings, built of megaliths, weighing up to 100 tone, and more. What is it? Why is there such heavy the craze for ancient civilizations?

Due to low development of production, suddenly these enormous projects that can be performed only by an advanced civilization with a well-functioning economy. And it’s not technology, the problem is the capacity of the economy and population. If in those days, a tribe decided to tell off the many millions of their fellow citizens on such a global construct, it is necessary to consider that the tribe should have the necessary resources to provide workers employed on the construction of the megaliths. It’s food, clothes, instruments of production. Imagine, dear readers, when those imperfect methods of subsistence farming, how many people had to serve those who built these masterpieces? How many lands had to handle? All of this just beggars belief.

Megalomanical unexpectedly around the same time all over the Earth. Such a leap of progress, but after 100 – 200 years these peoples who have created such masterpieces, lose their technology and skills, and their legends appears that the cyclopean constructions of the creations of the gods. Why this degradation? Yes, empires collapse Empire invade other Nations, but the legacy of their technological level does not disappear, but are transferred to the invader, the winner. And then a flash of high technology, developed economy and again the darkness of subsistence agriculture.

But common peoples, which gave rise to the megaliths does not end there. After a certain time, the giants who created the peoples subjected to genocide. Initially, they captured other tribes, and then completely dissolved in itself and replacing, erasing the traditions and memory of this nation. So the Egyptians drove the ancient Arabs, Englishmen, Normans, and local residents and the Feast of Easter island it was even gone.

The impression that it’s a universal conspiracy to keep the secret era of megaliths. Living peoples around these Grand structures, nothing to do with these facilities and do not have in their legends, in their historical memory there is no knowledge about cyclopean buildings.

So the question arises – why the megaliths were built, by whom they were built, and what knowledge about them, in those ancient times were so well hidden from us, from the descendants?