Dolmens in the Crimea: the mysterious “Taurus boxes”

Dolmen s is one of the most well-known types of megalithic structures – usually associated with Western Europe. The word “dolmen”, meaning “stone table”, refers to the Celtic group of languages. Therefore, the dolmens in the Crimea often cause surprise among wide sections of the public. But the Crimean dolmens are interesting to scientists because they differ from most of European or Caucasian dolmens.

Dolmens in Crimea – these dolmens

Around the Crimean dolmens there is a lot of speculation. They occur usually among the enthusiasts, for whom the dolmens have some kind of mystical and esoteric meaning. In the first place can be found the assertion that the dolmens in Crimea allegedly “genuine” dolmens and mysterious modification of ancient buildings. For “true” same issue numerous dolmens the dolmens of the North Caucasus, with specific design features. The most well-known Caucasian dolmens, megalithic structures of four massive stone slabs. Three panels installed vertically, the fourth was placed on top, forming a unique cover. The remaining blank side of the laid stones, and in this wall were left round otvetstvennogo diameter.

Crimean dolmens is, in fact, stone boxes – four plates comprise a rectangular structure that covered the top of the fifth slab. That’s why they’re called “Taurus drawers”, the name of a tribe of the Tauri, who lived in the Crimea in the I century BC. But the dolmens of the Crimea are without reservation a full-fledged dolmens. Science calls every dolmen megalithic structure consisting of several vertically arranged megaliths, covered with horizontally placed stone slab. The Caucasian dolmens with a round hole is only one of variants of construction of the dolmens, and not the standard.

The Taurians were buried with panache

Another controversial issue is the appointment of the Crimean dolmens. The peculiarity of these megalithic structures that, in respect of their functions the majority of scientists came to a definite opinion. While most of the dolmens in other parts of Europe, there is less clarity – it is still unclear why they were used. There are attempts to ascribe some kind of mystical destiny, and the dolmens of Crimea. The followers of the various esoteric teachings put forward different versions of the supernatural the use of the Crimean dolmens. According to one version, these megaliths are concentrated some healing energy of the Earth. On the other, the priests or shamans performed some wonderful rituals. The third version talks about “accumulation” in the dolmens of magical energy of the Sun and moon.

Meanwhile the peculiarity of the Crimean dolmens for scientists is that they can accurately identify. Created these structures in the majority in the middle – the second half of the first Millennium BC by the then inhabitants of the Crimea, the Taurians. Ethnicity unknown Tauri as their ancestral home. However, it is established that they lived in the Crimea during the whole of the first Millennium, and then assimilated with the Scythian tribes of the Northern black sea. The dolmens were used as burial structures, a kind of mass graves. In these stone “boxes” were placed the deceased together with grave goods. Over time, when the “box” was filled with the remains, the dolmens were left only skulls and added to the new corpses. The funerary character is proved by archaeologists, so no other function except cemeteries, Crimean dolmens had.

Without leaving Simferopol…

Another notable feature of the Crimean dolmens is that they are located near the modern centers of civilization. To visit, you don’t even have to leave Simferopol, the administrative center of the Crimea. However, the most famous two groups of dolmens of Crimea – Taurian burial grounds on mount Koshka and near the village of Novopavlovka. Cat mountain, located on the South coast of the Crimea, 18 km from Yalta, and it is the largest Taurus burial of the Crimea. Its area is about 10 hectares, and the number of dolmens is greater than 70. In addition, local dolmens are one of the most well-preserved, often with horizontal lids.

Novopavlovka village is about 5 kilometers from Sevastopol, here is the Taurus burial, called Tash-tion. Now found dozens of dolmens, but probably there were originally more. The fact that the terrain here is mountainous, with numerous rocky ledges. In this relief the dolmens sometimes very difficult to detect, especially after thousands of years, when most of them destroyed. The dolmens in Tash-tion is long gone vertical plates that weighed about half a ton – they were dropped by the robbers of graves. However, even in the twentieth century, archaeologists have been able to find “Taurus boxes” some items of funerary equipment that was a clear proof of the function of these megaliths.