Antique ancient Rome

Ancient Rome is the eternal city, steeped in history, with dilapidated houses, cobbled streets, breathtaking Colosseum, with majestic temples in which hovers the spirit of Michelangelo and Raphael. Go through the homeland of great thinkers and geniuses and give proper reverence to the monuments of the past.

Circus Maximus

The grandiose building housed 300 thousand spectators. Here, the huge Hippodrome, the competitions in races on horseback in which can participate up to 12 chariots. Today the Big circus resembles the long recess between two hills with visible rounded tracks. But even these hardly visible traces of antiquity, the Italians carefully guarded and, continuing the tradition of their ancient ancestors, spend magnificent holidays.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum was a venue for festivals, gladiatorial fights, spectacular battles with wild animals. Kings and Roman emperors, starting with Vespasian Flavia, did not spare investment in the amphitheatre. A four-story building was made of marble, tuff and travertine. The first three tiers constitute the arcade of 80 arches formed the different style of columns, the fourth layer is formed by a wall with rectangular Windows, Corinthian pilasters, and bronze shields. A huge arena from the spectators was separated by iron bars. Near the Colosseum was erected 35-foot bronze gilded statue of Nero. Segodnaya with the Coliseum adjoins a modern city, but the Romans are doing their best to preserve this great monument of antiquity.

The Roman forum

Roman forum – a huge architectural complex, showing the history of the Roman Empire from the VII century BC Under king Tarquinia Mine started draining the valley for the construction of the square, which eventually overgrew the basilicas, temples, porticoes, statues and sacred monuments. The area became a busy commercial, judicial, political and religious center.

The most revered God of Rome was dedicated to the oldest temple is the temple of Saturn. Was left of the podium a rectangular area of 900 sqm and a height of about 9 m. The temple of castor and Pollux, dedicated to two great men of Rome – the tamer of horses, and fist fighter, time also was turned into ruins.

Over time the square of the Basilica began to appear a new style, which later became the hallmark of the capital of the Empire. Late and one of the biggest buildings is the majestic Cathedral of Maxentius, Dating back to the IV century ad, the Basilica was not only Grand and luxurious but the inside and the outside. The walls are lined with marble, the floor is covered with marble mosaics. The Central place was given a huge statue of the Emperor Maxentius, she was later replaced by a statue of his son Constantine, who completed the construction of the Basilica. Now the Cathedral has become a venue for summer music festivals and concerts.

In the South-East of the square once housed the elegant temple of Vesta, from which there were only small fragments of ancient statues, entwined with rose. The priestesses of the temple were supported by the eternal flame of the universe. Victory and conquest of the Romans glorified the noble arch. Well-preserved triumphal arch of Septimius Severus decorated with huge reliefs with scenes of hostilities of the Romans with the Parthians.

Looking at ancient Rome, I feel like a little piece of being and experiencing the thrill merely because one can touch the ancient stones, to stand at the ruins and feel the connection of times.