Vvedenskaya Church in Feodosii

Vvedenskaya Church – the oldest known architectural monuments of Feodosia. Historians believe that the Greek Church dates back to VII–IX centuries Now presentation Church – the current Orthodox Church, and on its external appearance it is difficult to say that she’s over a thousand years.

About presentation Church. It dates back to VII–IX centuries, since then it was rebuilt several times. And how it originally looked like is impossible to establish.

In 30-ies of the last century under Soviet rule the Church, like other churches, was closed, the dome and the bell tower were demolished. In the 1990s, we began repair and restoration of the temple. Now presentation Church is an active Church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Vvedenskaya Church

Consists of different time-structures of parts. The oldest is the Byzantine part — in the form of a small Church hall type. The later time is the lower part of the bell tower, consisting of four pillars, covered with a dome on the sails, which served as the entrance portico.

At the present time, between the bell tower and the ancient part is a three-nave of the building, erected in 1829. Then were laid the intervals between the pillars of the portico, and above it built a tier for the bells and torispherical arch in the ancient part arranged light drum with a hipped end. As a result of later interventions, the monument has a three-nave Basilica with pseudomomentum the decor of the facades.