Ten most unique churches of Ukraine

Christians have a spiritual tradition at Easter to go to Holy places. In our country there are amazing temples, about which we know very little, Why Pochayiv monastery called the second Jerusalem? Where Ukrainian Athos? And what famous Church in Kozelets?

“Heaven like” abode

Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra At all times since the XII century lived among Christians the rule: at least once in life to visit the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. And before that a great campaign of fasting and were definitely on foot, even from the farthest corners of the country! Being in Lavra, prayed fervently before the miraculous icons, received absolution, were cured of serious ailments, asked about the health and welfare of relatives. Such spiritual and personal achievement. …In the eleventh century, the priest Illarion withdrew from people and spent several years in the cave. Then he was elected Metropolitan, but at this sacred place came the monks Antoniy and Feodosiya. There were also other caves grew. When they became crowded, the monks built the first Church – assumption of the blessed virgin Mary. More and more monks came here: Prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavovich gave to the monks the hills above the Dnieper and later there grew up a large monastic complex.

The temples were created by Byzantine architects and painters. It is known that the paintings worked the monk Alypii – he is considered the founder of the old Russian icon-painting art. Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra survived and looting, and fires, and lows. But whatever happens, there is always the monasteries revived! And now you can see a building of the XII century – a remarkable Church of the Holy Trinity of Brahma (her name is “Brahma”). Here and now houses many unique relics of Christianity: the miracle-working icon of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary, relics of saints, the relics of St. Prince Vladimir, the cross of St. Sergius of Radonezh and much more.

How to get there: Kiev, Mazepy street (ex. The January uprising), 21. A few stops from the metro station “Arsenal”.
Holy assumption monastery Svyatogorsk every year millions of people (apart from Ukraine) come here to pray before the miraculous icon of the mother of God and to touch the relics of St. John the Hermit. …On a wide bridge across the Northern Donets river embankment you get to the monastery. Another few minutes and you’re at the main entrance. Ahead is a staircase, ascending which, stand in front of the Dormition Cathedral. The history of the monastery is unique: he stood in the dark Ages, reflect the raids of the Tatars and the poles. Svyatogorye was closed twice: first, Catherine II gave the land to Prince Potemkin, and after 1917 the churches and refectory rebuilt, rest homes… But at all times here flocked the people to find peace, to pray to God, to be healed. Nobody knows exactly when there appeared the first monastery. According to one version, were founded by Byzantine monks in the VIII-XIX centuries. On the other – after the Tatar devastation in the XII century here was running a part of the monk of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. In our time, in 2004, the monastery received the status of Lavra. On its territory – several churches, chapels, two of Skeet. Also the cave, inside which you can see the unique Church of Saint Nicholas, a cell of St. John the Hermit and other monks.

Luxury gift of the Queen

The Cathedral of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary Taras Shevchenko wrote that everyone who has been in Kozelec “…you will definitely admire the majestic temple of Rastrelli’s architecture, built by Natalia Resumehow”. This Church is really very beautiful and lush, made in the Baroque style, and the iconostasis is recognized for her outstanding. About this Cathedral is still debated. Some serious historians believed that it was here at the time, secretly married the daughter of Peter the Empress Elizabeth and her favorite Alexei Razumovsky (he was originally from the town of Kozelets), and secret ceremony conducted by the priest Cyril Carlow-ski, the identity of the mysterious. If this is unknown, but the Empress really did everything possible to the Church in Kozelets became one of the most beautiful buildings of XVIII century. The highlight of the Cathedral is a five – pointed, with a height of 27 meters, the iconostasis. For him written 80 icons, but remained only 50. They say it was originally designed for the Smolny monastery on the project worked on the Maestro himself Rastrelli! However, the iconostasis was too great – and Elizabeth ordered to carry it in Kozelets Cathedral (the majority of icons were painted by Ukrainian masters). Now it is not so important as has actually happened. Most importantly, we have the opportunity to admire this beauty.

How to get there: Chernihiv region., SMT. Kozelets, street Danevych, 2. To go by bus from Kyiv from the metro station “Forest” or “Chernihiv”.

Ukrainian Athos

Manyava skete Every schoolboy knows about the existence of this unique skit. Today its territory is so small that from a distance the bell tower and the convent resemble. .. wonderful scenery. It is hard to imagine that in XVII century manyavsky skit was one of the strongest and almost the only Orthodox monastery in the land of Catholics! Its history began with cave grotto, a blessed Stone, which in 1606, settled the Athonite monks job CNA-ginexi and Ivan Vyshensky. After 10 years they were joined by others, rebuilt here Vozdvyzhenska Church and having adorned it in a distinctive manner. Here was stored a large library of ancient books. A little later, Iov Kondzelevych created a unique iconostasis, 13 to 11 m, consisting of one hundred icons! The period of decline began in the eighteenth century, when the Austrian king closed the monastery, the monks dispersed, and then taken to Vienna a wonderful iconostasis. In 2001 Manyava skete was revived in its original form. In a small grotto – Blessed Stone – now icons and burning candles. Holy cross monastery stands again. And in the mornings and the evenings overflows leisurely bell chime…

The Church on the red rock

The Church of the Resurrection in foros It is hard to see! On a cliff among lush greenery, stands the elegant white Church with gilded cupolas. There is a beautiful legend that it was built by a rich merchant, in honour of the happy salvation of his daughter. Actually the Church of Resurrection built to commemorate the salvation of the Royal family (on the railroad a major accident occurred, but the family of Alexander III was not injured). Funds and land for the Church indeed has allocated a wealthy merchant Kuznetsov. The temple was painted by well – known artists K. Makovsky and AI Korzukhin, columns decorated with rare marble, floors decorated with mosaics of the Italian master. In the Church is often visited by persons of Royal blood and their associates. All former glory – gilded iconostasis with the Royal doors, gilded candlesticks, icons – in Soviet times, disappeared without a trace. And foros sky Church turned into a warehouse. During the war old men and women came to the abandoned monastery to pray for their loved ones. Then there opened a restaurant 20 Years ago at the urging of residents, the Church began to restore. And 3 June 1990, on the Trinity, in foros for the first time in nearly 100 years again rang the Church bell. Now in the Church of the ascension of Christ is ruled by the service, the parishioners profess, crowned with couples, baptize children. The Church became a symbol of rebirth. Before it has an observation deck -a great view of the sea and Phoros, – which is always crowded with people!

How to get there: From Yalta to the village of foros. From there up on foot or by taxi.

By Daina Boldin mountains

Yeletsky Uspensky female monastery Near Chernigov Detinets, on the southern slope of the mountains is located one of the oldest temples of our country. According to legend, in the XI century on the levee appeared to the people icon of the virgin from which it was called and Yelets. Chernigov Prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavovich, saw a sign, in the same year, ordered to build the Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary. Two centuries later, in 1240, the Tatar Batu Khan burned almost all of Chernigov, was badly damaged and the Church… the Famous Yelets mother of God is considered dead, but in the XV century it found. The monks had hidden the Shrine in a wall and saved. And several decades later, the icon was again lost. And to this day her whereabouts are unknown: some say that the Miraculous died in the fire, others that removed and hidden. Today, the Holy assumption monastery is a few cathedrals and churches, built at different times. Here is the only wooden structure of Cossack era – the house of Theodosius of Uglich, XVII century. If you are in Chernihiv, go to Elias Church and pray before the icon of the Mother of God of Elijah, written by Gregory Do bensky in 1658. It tells the eyewitness chronicle, she wept bitterly over the fate of “Orthodox Christians for malorossian… through poverty, ruin and mezhdousobie of decencies…”. And – visit Antoniev caves. Many argue that here and now is the figure of the Black monk.

How to get there: by Train (by bus) to Chernigov. From the city centre through the Citadel to Boldin mountains.

The work of the “Ukrainian Michelangelo”

St. George’s Cathedral IN the THIRTEENTH century Church on the mountain on the orders of Prince Lev Danilovich appeared a small wooden Church and fortified monastery. This complex was several times destroyed by the enemies. Later on, the place became the Basilica of St. George (George the victorious), but she did not survive. And in the XVIII century on a mountain so a huge construction started – after a few years grew beautiful St. George’s Cathedral. Now this temple is one of the most important shrines of the city. Here is p Ryegate is in order to see this Cathedral. Attract the attention of the mysterious work of the Ukrainian sculptor Johann Georg Pinzel.