The Temples Of Nikolaev.

From ancient times people worship the gods and build temples. The most ancient places of worship, known today belong to the XII – XX centuries BC, when Ancient Egypt was building its majestic temples in honor of the Supreme God Amon-RA. The temple of Karnak the SIXTEENTH century BC, listed in the Guinness book of world records. It is the largest ancient temple in the world. It consists of 40 temples.

In nikolayevshchina different peoples have lived, worshipped different deities, and built temples in ancient times. One of the sanctuaries in the territory of the Nikolaev area, found by archaeologists, is located in the city New Odessa (45 km North from Nikolaev). The altar found there, scientists attributed to copper 4-3 century BC

To XII – X century BC is the only settlement known today in the Wild Garden in the city of Nikolaev. Church on lyagin its not a very large area was found several temples of different types. But it was a time when the Greeks conquered Troy!…

In the V century BC residents of the ancient Greek city – state Olviya 49 km from Nikolaev put the temple of Apollo, son of Zeus, the God of healer and diviner, the altar of which today can be seen by those who will come to our city.

The most ancient Orthodox temple on the territory of modern Nikolaev is known from ancient documents. This is Glorious Maiden monastery in Vitovka (the district), which was ravaged by the Mongols in 1233 – 1236. St. Nicholas Cathedral

In the territory of nikolayevshchina, according to surviving documents, was a large number of temples built by Cossacks during the times of Zaporizhian Sich.

The construction of churches at a young Nikolaev (1789 5 years before the Foundation of Odessa) began with the first days. In the report for September is a record of the Church of Saint Nicholas. By 1810, stone churches were: Greek – 4, old believer – 1, Catholic – 1, Jewish prayer house – 1. The kasperovsky Church

Active construction was carried on until 1915. The initiators and organizers of construction were governors, mayors, architects, merchants and the residents of our city.

Hard times in the life of the churches – 1917 – 1990. Under various economic and political projects filmed the bells were confiscated valuable Church relics made of gold, platinum, silver and precious stones, rare Church books. Of the churches and chapels were destroyed, turned into schools, clubs, warehouses. Some temples were destroyed during wars, which passed through Nikolaev. still live with numerous stories and legends. Saved icons, utensils and books…

The Roman Catholic Church
Photographs of the destroyed churches and chapels are stored in archives, museums of the city. The place where they were, remember and know nikolayevets. These are: Admiralty Cathedral (in the name of the Holy Martyr Gregory of great Armenia) built in 1794, Mother (1843), Simeone – Agripinna (1869), Holy Ghost and many others.

In the center of Nikolaev in 1800 was built the Cathedral of the Nativity of the virgin. In 1817 not far from it is St. Nicholas Cathedral. From 1807 on old city cemetery is the service at the Church of All Saints, built by the zeal and diligence of many nikolayevets. 1857 – erected Church of the Holy spirit, in 1886, when the Maritime hospital was built the Church of St. Alexander Nevsky.

The hospital Church
For over 100 years, the Church of the icon of the Kasperovskaya Mother of God (built in 1908). Icon daily in the summer months was brought to the city. It was taken to the houses of sick people. Its amazing helped the people to recover.

In 1896 they rebuilt the Roman Catholic Church (part of the building with the dome survived since 1794).

Recently celebrated 150 years of the Lutheran Church, which stands in the heart of the old town.

Near one of the main streets of Nikolaev, in the center – a Jewish synagogue (built in 1822 and 1863). Old temples are being restored.

In the city of Nikolaev is home to more than hundreds of people. The decision of the city authorities and citizens the construction of new churches and chapels.

The temple of Vesta in the Wild garden

In ancient Rome, in honor of the Goddess of fire and home hearth, when the sanctuary was erected. Died July 9, had to go to the temple bare footed and ask the Goddess of protection. In the temple no image of the goddess Vesta, but always burned with its fire. Even the accidental extinction of the flame was terrifying to people. This was considered an omen of terrible turmoil. Fire and order in the temple it was necessary to support constantly. For this he was elected special officials – the vestal. To protect the sacred fire was their duty, and to renew it only once a year – in March. The Temple Of Vesta

For this purpose, the flame was extracted only the most ancient way – by friction of the wooden chocks. Only then the fire was considered clean. Was made special demands and to the vestal virgins: priestesses of the future are carefully selected and prepared. Selected, only girls 6 – 10 years, without the slightest flaws and shortcomings. And as soon as the girl was dedicated in the vestal, she is fully freed from the power of his family.

In 1827, in Nikolaev there was constructed a beautiful stone gazebo. The project was designed by 16-year-old architect for the estate of the chief commander in the city. The architectural ensemble “Rotonda”, which also included the temple appeared on the high Bank of the Wild garden, on the ground of ancient settlements. 52-year-old military Governor Alexander Greig has dedicated the rotunda of stone columns with his 27 year old wife Yulia in honor of the birth of their first child, a son Samuel, who later became adjutant General, the Minister of Finance of Russia.