19 the most mysterious places on the Planet!

On Planet Earth many mysterious and amazing places that throughout history the imagination of writers, scientists and, of course, ordinary people. Some of these places are so ancient, incomprehensible to scientists, sometimes even unfinished in its construction that it is impossible to answer the question, for what purpose they were constructed and why… of Course, on Earth a lot more amazing places with unknown structures, but in this small video we show you pictures of nineteen of the most famous and most mysterious places.

Stonehenge. Open to the public in the middle of the XX century, after the reconstruction, the English Stonehenge has attracted widespread attention of the world. Megalithic constructions, of course, have been here a long time, talking about it as the stories and old drawings and photographs, but much more megalithic stones were fallen, than now, after the ” reconstruction “. About the purpose of the construction there are several scientific hypotheses, starting from the burial chambers, to the Observatory (reconstruction of the monument on the computer is the solar and lunar calendars). Mystics and people are still talking about the druids. The Nazca Desert. here you can see the giant geoglyphs (drawings) on the surface of the Earth – they are considered to be one of the wonders of South America. The geoglyphs are located on the territory of sovremennosti and Peru were opened in 1939. Bird’s eye view you can see a whale, a lizard, a spider, a bird, a monkey and a fish and some other animals. The drawings of scientists have searched for different explanations, for example, presenting them as a ritual treadmills, were assumptions about the relationship of the drawings with the calendar, but still fully explain why and by whom were these images not found. Easter Island. perhaps the most famous mysteries of the island, belonging to Chile. In addition to the world-famous Statues, and lakes of the Craters and some other findings, but the main mystery are the Moai Statues! Unknown method of delivery of these huge sculptures, none… they were built to Move huge blocks of stone almost impossible, and given malosolenoj Islands and aboriginal legends about what the statue was delivered “over the air” – it is easy to believe in mysticism! Mounds Cahokia. 109 mounds with tombs of chiefs on the banks of the Mississippi river in the United States. When it was the largest city of the Indians in North America, and the mounds have been protected more than 3 km long fence. Still a mystery is how the name of this city, and why its inhabitants left the city, because according to the findings, here once lived about 30 to 40 thousand people! The ancient city of Baalbek. according to the legend, Baalbek – the oldest city on the planet. Now, the city left only ruins, but once in the Temple led the huge staircase, where there were 6 coal yard with a Central altar for sacrifice. Along the walls of the Temple had 84 columns, preserved in the town and Temple of Jupiter with 52 columns, where according to legend there was a gold statue of God. A mystery to historians and scientists are not columns and Roman temples, but rather an ancient Foundation – platform, which was erected by the city. These massive stone blocks weigh over 300 tonnes! In some Arabic manuscripts found in Baalbek, said that the platform is established giants after the Flood. If we take the academic version, it is considered that the blocks were moved using giant rollers, but overall the mystery of the construction disturbs the minds of people in our day. Giants Causeway. or the Trail of Giants, located in Northern Ireland, UK. In coastal areas, it is possible to see more than 40 thousand hexagonal basalt columns, which presumably formed from the eruption of an ancient volcano. The giants on the road goes a lot of legends, one of which claims that it destroyed bridge. Newgrange. megalithic complex in Ireland. Dating back to approximately 2500 BC! In fact it is a Kurgan (tomb) entrance oriented towards the sunrise, the mound is surrounded by a wall with spiral patterns. In the days of the winter solstice, you can observe the penetration of the rays into the inner room of the mound. So far it is unclear who exactly built this structure. Cappadocia. located in Turkey. this castle will surprise you with its underground cities, and caves in the rock. In addition to the city in the rocks, here you can see the intricate stone pillars, as well as numerous canyons. It is believed that the cave cities of Cappadocia were built about 1 thousand years BC! The Fortress Of Sacsayhuaman. situated in Peru. this castle was according to legend built by the Inka Capac, its massive blocks, perfectly fitted to each other, the result is the admiration of any person, except, in the fortress there are internal buildings. And while mystics say about ancient aliens who helped the construction, scholars argue about the purpose of this ancient city, whether it was a normal Fortress or religious… the Temple of the Sphinx. in Egypt. to the East of the pyramids of Giza located
wives Sphinx is the most ancient wonder of the world. According to legend, the Sphinx – guardian of the city of the dead, and about the treasures supposedly hidden under him is legendary since ancient times. The mystery to scientists is how the creation of the monument (about the debate), and traces of water erosion, which speak of a much more ancient age, or about the ex in the past finding the monument in the water. The underwater city of Yonaguni. discovered by divers in 1985, the underwater Yonaguni Monument in Japan is surprising similar to stairs terraces, proper and smooth corners and a pyramidal form. As a result, even in scientific circles until today there is debate about their natural or artificial origin. The Eye Of Sahara. sometimes called richat Structure is a bizarre natural formation, has long been unknown for the first time began to talk about it, the Astronauts already at the end of the XX century! Located in Mauritania. The eye of Sahara is still a mystery to scientists, because its structure is perfectly round and the bottom is perfectly flat. A meteor hypothesis, but even she can fully explain the origin of this object’s simple craters have a quite different shape. Machu Picchu. amazing lost city in the mountains of Peru! Terraces of Machu Picchu amaze with their greatness, and huge boulders and temples still leave mystery. It is believed that the city built a list approximately in 1440 for worship, but some doubt this date because himself “lost city of the Incas” is located in a very remote region. Mount Roraima. very unusual mountain on the border of Brazil and Venezuela. because at its top is a huge plateau with an area of over 34 square miles! This is a real ” Lost world “, because on top of the mountain is often hanging clouds. In addition, many plants growing on top of the plateau, are endemic. Of Chichen Itza. actually in this remote town in Mexico has not only the Temple of Kukulkan with 365-TEW steps to the top, but also the ancient Observatory, a mysterious 7 ” Stadiums “, and Colonnades, like ancient Roman, there is a huge Pit! Supposedly the city was built in the VII century and it belongs to the Mayan culture, but it remains a mystery why the people left these places and Temples were neglected. The goseck circle. located in Germany Neolithic structure with the correct concentric moats and two gates. The strange structure discovered relatively recently – in 1991 as a result of aerial photography. Research of archaeologists and scientists agree that the entrances to the circle mark the onset of winter and summer solstice. But by whom it was built and why the derelict left a mystery. The Kailas Mountain. the legendary Holy mountain in Tibet, China. It is the highest in the region and has the correct pyramidal shape, which is clearly oriented to the cardinal. Mount Kailash is considered Holy in many religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and some others. Interesting fact that on the South side of Kailash has a crack, the shadows of which form a swastika. The Angkor Wat. giant Temple Palace in Cambodia. for a long time remained unknown to Europe. It is believed that Angkor Wat was built in VI century in honour of the Hindu Vishnu. The mystery is the fact why such a huge city was abandoned in the jungle and abandoned people. The Arizona crater. one of the largest meteorite craters in the world, located in the United States. The crater diameter of more than 1.2 kilometers, and its depth is about 230 meters! Near the crater, you can observe the unusual ” lunar landscape “, not typical for other places on our Planet. It is believed that the crater was formed about 50 thousand years ago and the explosion on impact was about 4 times stronger than the Tunguska meteorite!