Lithuania:Three capitals-Vilnius – Kaunas – Trakai

Lithuania is one of the countries of the Baltic sea coast with beautiful sandy beaches, clean air, colorful scenery, an abundance of historical and architectural monuments. The Capital Of Lithuania — Vilnius .


The bus Arrival in Vilnius at 07.50. Meeting. Breakfast in the cafe. Transfer to the hotel.

Air Flight from Kiev to Vilnius. Arrival. Transfer to the hotel of the chosen category (APL. additional 25 Euro/1-3 pers.).

Excursion to Trakai and Kaunas

Trakai, the ancient capital of Lithuania, just 30 km from Vilnius. The main attraction of the town is the famous Trakai castle, which stands on an island in lake galvė. It should be noted that it is the only insular castle in Eastern Europe. Trakai island castle* is one of the largest medieval defensive structures in Lithuania, it covers an area of 1.8 hectares. To get to the fortress, visitors must pass through two wooden bridges. The center of the architectural ensemble of the castle is a princely Palace, surrounded by a thick fortified wall with watchtowers. Now a Museum, which exposition covers the period from ancient times to the mid-20th century. The exhibition presents original furniture, crockery, glass and bone, seals, hunting trophies, and archaeological finds discovered during excavations.

Lunch at the restaurant Karaite cuisine.In menu famous Karaite dish kibinai, is a pies in the shape of a Crescent of dough stuffed with cut pieces of meat with lots of onions and spices. It became extremely popular dish of Lithuania should be grateful Grand Duke Vytautas. Is he some 600 years ago brought to Lithuania by the Karaites, and those – “kibinai”. It is surprising that in Lithuania had a population of no more than two or three thousand Karaites, and their “kibinai” peacefully conquered the whole country. Moving to Kaunas.

Kaunas is the second largest city of Lithuania, is situated at the confluence of the Nemunas and the Neris. Is 100km. from Vilnius. Kaunas is an ancient city, was founded in 1362 is the second capital of Lithuania. The city is famous for its medieval square Here You will see the city Hall called “white Swan”, admire all European architectural styles. You will see the house of Perkunas (Thunder) – one of the most original buildings of the late Gothic style in Lithuania. Admire the Church of St. Vytautas, which stands on the banks of the majestic river, you will see the Cathedral of Peter and Paul. Modern street of Kaunas – Laisves Avenue. This is the Boulevard, this street is called “little Paris” with its charming shops and cafes. The length of this street for about 2 km, and completes the panorama of the magnificent Church built in the early 20th century by Benoit. (now the Church of the Archangel Michael). Kaunas is famous for its famous Museum of čiurlionis. Many tourists from East and West come here to admire the works of this great artist and composer. Also here is the famous Devil’s Museum that is known all over the world. The return to Vilnius.

*Attending theatres: Opera and ballet theatre, Russian drama theatre. Repertoire, see Appendix.

Breakfast in the hotel.

Walking tour through the Old town of Vilnius: Tour starts from Cathedral square (hotel the tourists get on their own), favorite place of meeting of citizens, at the monument to Gediminas, and as you go up the funicular to Gediminas hill and visit the tower of the same name. You will tell the legends associated with the origin of the city, will show one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe. You will see a unique ensemble of Gothic – Church of St. Anne and Bernardine, will pass through the ancient lanes of the city, walk through the Jewish quarter, see the oldest Pyatnitskaya Church, in which Peter I baptized the great-grandfather of Alexander Pushkin. You get off at town hall square. Walk to the Holy Gate – the only preserved gate of the fortress wall, agradable Vilnius in 16. In the stone gate chapel housing the icon. St. The virgin Mary venerated throughout the Christian world.