St. Basil’s Cathedral in Sevastopol

Pokrovsky Cathedral is the main Orthodox temple of Sevastopol. It is located on Bolshaya Morskaya street and always attracts attention by the beauty of architecture and sparkling in the sun domes. Today St. Basil’s Cathedral is one of the most beautiful sights in Crimea.
Pokrovsky Cathedral was built in 1905 on the project belonging to the architect V. Feldman. He was consecrated in honor of the great feast for Orthodox believers of the Holy virgin. Architect Feldman took as a basis the construction of the Pokrovsky Cathedral Russian churches of the XVI century. He was inspired by them in the erection of the handsome Church and completed the Cathedral of the intercession in pseudo-Russian style. Judge for yourself — 5 domes, columns and Lancet arch, and over the main dome, four 12-sided tower. The altitude of the Pokrovsky Cathedral is 37 meters.

Bell tower of the Cathedral (located West) are connected with the Cathedral itself. Turrets and bell towers crowned with onion-shaped cupolas. Previously the Cathedral of the intercession with the North and South was decorated chapels. Before our time, these elements are not reached, but their restoration was partially commenced.

Dining hall with beautiful staircase, inside of which there are 2 rows of pillars, can be found in the Western part of the Pokrovsky Cathedral. Everywhere there are such features as the semicircular corbel arches. Stucco friezes and cornices constitute a single harmonious ensemble.

Detail that distinguish the Cathedral of the intercession from other churches — crosses with half-moons, not typical for an Orthodox Church symbolism. And the main attraction of the Cathedral is the icon of the Holy Mother of God, is made of mosaic on the wall.

Pokrov Cathedral is built from there and Inkerman stone.

The Cathedral was severely damaged during the great Patriotic war. After the second defense of Sevastopol was reconstructed, until 1962, in the intercession Cathedral even held religious services. After the Cathedral, as it was known at the time, were used for the needs of the public. In the Pokrov Cathedral was located some time the city archive and even the gym.

Since 1992, in the Cathedral began to hold religious service has begun a gradual reconstruction of the destroyed parts of the temple.