19 the most terrifying and scariest places on Earth

We invite you on a tour of 19 creepy and scary places on our planet. Some of them were created by nature, others by man. From man-made in turn horror is catching up as the man left the place and place and still operating. The creeps at the very thought of staying in any of these places alone with himself. Well, are you ready? If you are not scary..

Darvaza or the Door to hell, Turkmenistan

The door to Hell was originally a gas field, which was set on fire by Soviet scientists. Darvaza is continuously burning for more than 40 years.

Island Of Dolls, Mexico

Island of the Dolls it is an uninhabited island in Xochimilco, Mexico. According to the legend, the girl died in the waters of Ostrava, after which dolls began to appear on the island permanently. The only inhabitants of the island are dolls that are constantly monitoring its visitors.

Centralia, Pennsylvania

Centralia was once a bustling industrial city of coal mining, until the mines beneath the city began to burn. Deposits of coal under the city lights under Centralia since 1962.

Muynak, Uzbekistan

Muynak was once a port city on the Aral sea. That was until the USSR is not unintentionally drained the sea for irrigation of cotton. Today, rusty boats adorn oredi desert.

Caban, the Cave of the mummies, Philippines

Kabayan, Cave burials of mummies in principle, all written in nazvaniia. This is an artificial cave that are full of among the best preserved mummies in the world, isolated from the rest of the world in the mountains.

The Križa Kalnas, Hill Of Crosses, Lithuania

The križa Kalnas is not a cemetery. In one version, the hill of Crosses and the crosses were installed in honor of the Lithuanians who died in cruelly suppressed by the tsarist authorities of the Russian Empire revolt of 1831. According to another version it used to be a pagan place. Considered who will put on the hill of the cross, that will be good luck. To date, more than 50 000 crosses stand on the hill.

The underground Cincinnati, Ohio

The authorities of Cincinnati attempted to build a subway in the early 1900s, but started construction was abandoned for financial reasons. Empty the tunnels remain abandoned beneath the city, scary.

Magic market Akodessewa,

The market for magic items and magical herbs Akodessewa lies right in the heart of Lome, the capital of the state of Togo in Africa. This Gazelle head, a monkey’s hand, the tooth of a crocodile, crispy bat wing – it’s all there on the magic market.

Wonderland, China

Wonderland was built as China’s answer to Disneyland, but only a few times more. Problems in construction have led to a complete cancellation of the project. The crumbling remains are outdoors and open to adventure seekers.

The Catacombs Of Paris

The Parisian catacombs function as a gigantic ossuary and cemetery for approximately 6 million bodies. For all these bones sushestvuet also the place where, tourists are not allowed. Almost the second city of Paris extends for miles.

San Zhi Ghost town in Taiwan

Once San Zhi was designed as a resort area outside of Taipei, Taiwan. A mysterious series of deaths during construction forced the developer to abandon the project. Futuristic resort is empty today.

Jatinga, India

In Jatinga nothing special. except for the mass suicide of birds, which happen every September-October. Really weird isn’t it? They only occur from 7-10 hours.

Leap Castle, Ireland

They say that within the walls of this castle inhabited by some supernatural power, besides this castle was built on the pit for torture. The chapel of the castle called “bloody” because during the intestine feuds of the owners of the castle, one brother killed another brother-priest right on the altar during the service.

Varosha is a completely uninhabited resort city on the coast of Cyprus. After the Turkish invasion, the inhabitants of Varosha was quickly evacuated. Today, Varosha stands frozen as a Museum, where you can see life as it was in 1974.

Sea FORTS Munsell, North sea

Marine Mansell FORTS were designed to protect England from a possible Nazi invasion during the Second world war. Today they are mostly uninhabited, with the exception of hermits and smugglers.

Jacob’s Well, Texas

Jacob’s well is a natural cave more than 100 meters in depth. It regularly killed divers studying this cave. It has killed about 8 divers, who’s next?

Oradour-sur-Glane, France

The city of Oradour-sur-Glane was a small French village that the Nazi SS made an example of for other “disagree”. The whole city was burned and almost every inhabitant was executed.

The medical history Museum of mutter, PA

The medical history Museum of mutter is a Museum of medical pathologies, ancient medical equipment and biological exhibits, situated in the College of physicians in Philadelphia. Museum mutter this is a very eerie place that stores a collection of body parts, fruits and wax.

Mystical forest hoy-Baciu, Romania

Forest hoy-Baciu known as the Bermuda triangle of Romania. This forest is full with legends of missing people, electronic devices that spontaneously stop working and a favourite place for UFO sightings.