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Gothic Europe – tour through the Gothic cathedrals of Europe

The Gothic style is meant to overwhelm and delight, so in this style of medieval artists, preferred to build Catholic churches. To this day these cathedrals continue to amaze people, become a popular destination of tours in Europe.

This seo company begins a guided tour in Vienna. In its centre is St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which, along with Mozart and the country’s coat of arms is a symbol of Austria. The modern look of the Cathedral has adopted in the sixteenth century, was partially destroyed in the Second World war and was restored after the war. The highest tower of the Cathedral reaches 136 feet – just six feet smaller than the pyramid of Cheops.

West refused credit Cologne Cathedral is one of the highest buildings of the middle Ages, whose height is 157 meters. There, in Germany, is a Lutheran Minster – the tallest Church planet, towering 161,5 meters. Continue reading

19 the most terrifying and scariest places on Earth

We invite you on a tour of 19 creepy and scary places on our planet. Some of them were created by nature, others by man. From man-made in turn horror is catching up as the man left the place and place and still operating. The creeps at the very thought of staying in any of these places alone with himself. Well, are you ready? If you are not scary..

Darvaza or the Door to hell, Turkmenistan

The door to Hell was originally a gas field, which was set on fire by Soviet scientists. Darvaza is continuously burning for more than 40 years.

Island Of Dolls, Mexico

Island of the Dolls it is an uninhabited island in Xochimilco, Mexico. According to the legend, the girl died in the waters of Ostrava, after which dolls began to appear on the island permanently. The only inhabitants of the island are dolls that are constantly monitoring its visitors. Continue reading

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