Victorian style in America

In the second half of the 19th century, architects in the United States of America began to lose interest in Greco-Roman classicism and began to create new styles based on medieval and other non-classical forms of building. Continuing to be inspired by old and new foreign models, they have shown and their own ingenuity.

This is made possible by combining new building technologies, a great number of publications on architecture and home Economics, abundance of raw materials and financial capabilities and desires of Americans to build their own houses. One of the most important technological advances was the adoption of the so-called “balloon frame” (block-rack frame), in which the frame of the house could be made of homogeneous wood. More and more commercial companies to begin making these products.

The design of the frame consisted of inexpensive boards, about four to ten centimeters, of which turned uprights and floor beams, connected by nails cheap mass production. Continue reading

The oldest building in the world

The pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara is the oldest surviving in the world architectural buildings. It was built prominent Egyptian architect and Supreme dignitary of Djoser by Imhotep around 2650 BC as a burial structure for the Egyptian Pharaoh and his entire family. Pyramid was the first in Ancient Egypt, her height was 62 m, and the size of its Foundation was 121 109 meters.

The oldest structures also include the pyramid of Sneferu in Medumi . built around 2600 BC. The pyramid had a height of 118 meters with the base 146 146 meters. Also the oldest architectural structures are the Egyptian pyramids of Cheops and Chephren. One of the largest of the pyramids of Egypt – pyramid of Cheops is one of the seven wonders of the world, preserved to our days. Its construction began around the year 2560 BC and lasted for more than 20 years. The pyramid of Khafre was built about the year 2532 BC, it is considered the second largest ancient Egyptian pyramid, with the base 215,3 215,3 meters. Continue reading


The monastic complex Surb Khach – the national monument of Ukraine, is on the state books since 1963. Located in a wooded valley North-West slope of grytsia mountain (Holy cross, Saint, Monastery), 3.5 km South-West from the town of Staryi Krym, Kirov district of the Crimea.
For the beauty of its proportions and magnificence of Surb-Khach is the first in the Crimea among the monuments of Armenian architecture. The Church of the monastery survived since 1358 and its architecture is similar to temples of the XII – XIII centuries in Armenia.

Armenian monastery of Surb-Khach monastery in Crimea.
The Foundation of the monastery and apparatus in the Diocesan see of the Armenian Apostolic Church dates back to the mid fourteenth century Continue reading