Absheron region

The Absheron Lighthouse

The Eastern part of the Absheron Peninsula of the greater Caucasus. The Absheron called acting in the Caspian sea Absheron Peninsula to the Islands of Absheron and Baku archipelagos and adjacent to the West of the foothills of Gobustan. The Absheron Peninsula is the capital of Azerbaijan Baku v. The Absheron Peninsula is about 8 thousand sq km (9 % of Azerbaijani territory) but live here for more than a quarter of the population. Baku already in the 12th century became an important port on the Caspian sea. Through it was the trade of the East with Northern Europe, Russia, the Baltic States.

Inhabited Absheron since ancient times. There are ancient cyclopean buildings, fortresses, castles, temple of fire worshippers. rock tombs, various monuments of medieval architecture. Intensive construction of castles on the Absheron Peninsula began in the XII century. The elevation of the role of the port city of Baku in the state of Shirvanshahs had demanded the creation of a defensive system in the city, and the entire Absheron Peninsula. Continue reading

The road to the Big dolmen from Camomile meadow

Virtual Korenovsk. Places worth to visit. Shapsug. The Krasnodar territory. The road to the dolmen from the Shapsug a Big camomile meadow (Gradana road)

Kradenoe road so named because in the nineteenth century, local residents were driven along that road on the mountain for chalk (kreid – chalk, Polska. Ukr.). On the panorama are clearly visible chalk road components.

Go to the dolmen Shapsug better on foot, leaving the car down the road. Very beautiful nature around. And very clean and rich air. At certain times of the year just a huge amount of edible mushrooms, so that to gather up in a half-hour a couple of plastic bags of delicious mushrooms in the pan with mushrooms it is always possible, despite the same number of mushroom pickers around, the mushrooms seems to never end.

The dolmen is included in the so-called “Shapsug geopathic zone”, “Shapsug anomalous zone” or “Shapsug triangle”, and, of course, is its main attraction. Continue reading

Dolmens – the Eighth Wonder of the world

The second day I read about the monuments of ancient architecture – the Dolmens. The dolmens ( from Breton tol table, men – stone) were constructed of several large stone slabs set vertically and covered with massive plate, carefully polished and fitted to each other. Erected them in “places of power”, that is, in areas where there are geomagnetic anomalies, and as a result, geopathic processes. Scientists believe that Dolmens ancient burial structures. As mysterious archaeological monuments, the dolmens are comparable with the Egyptian pyramids but older than the pyramids and, most importantly, the only structures that have spread across the globe. Dolmens are found and preserved in Eurasia, from Japan and India to Portugal, are located in the Northern Africa and southern America, well known on the Islands of the Mediterranean sea, southern Scandinavia. Especially a lot of these megalithic structures (from words “huge stone”) in England and we, in the Western Caucasus. The Caucasus is considered by archaeologists 2308 dolmens, most of them in the area of Gelendzhik. The ubiquity and commonality of the architectural compositions of the dolmens around the world already generating an amazing conjecture that they are the progenitors of mankind, when the earth existed a single nation. Continue reading