Dolmens in the Crimea: the mysterious “Taurus boxes”

Dolmen s is one of the most well-known types of megalithic structures – usually associated with Western Europe. The word “dolmen”, meaning “stone table”, refers to the Celtic group of languages. Therefore, the dolmens in the Crimea often cause surprise among wide sections of the public. But the Crimean dolmens are interesting to scientists because they differ from most of European or Caucasian dolmens.

Dolmens in Crimea – these dolmens

Around the Crimean dolmens there is a lot of speculation. They occur usually among the enthusiasts, for whom the dolmens have some kind of mystical and esoteric meaning. In the first place can be found the assertion that the dolmens in Crimea allegedly “genuine” dolmens and mysterious modification of ancient buildings. For “true” same issue numerous dolmens the dolmens of the North Caucasus, with specific design features. The most well-known Caucasian dolmens, megalithic structures of four massive stone slabs. Three panels installed vertically, the fourth was placed on top, forming a unique cover. The remaining blank side of the laid stones, and in this wall were left round otvetstvennogo diameter. Continue reading

Ten most unique churches of Ukraine

Christians have a spiritual tradition at Easter to go to Holy places. In our country there are amazing temples, about which we know very little, Why Pochayiv monastery called the second Jerusalem? Where Ukrainian Athos? And what famous Church in Kozelets?

“Heaven like” abode

Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra At all times since the XII century lived among Christians the rule: at least once in life to visit the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. And before that a great campaign of fasting and were definitely on foot, even from the farthest corners of the country! Being in Lavra, prayed fervently before the miraculous icons, received absolution, were cured of serious ailments, asked about the health and welfare of relatives. Such spiritual and personal achievement. …In the eleventh century, the priest Illarion withdrew from people and spent several years in the cave. Then he was elected Metropolitan, but at this sacred place came the monks Continue reading

19 the most mysterious places on the Planet!

On Planet Earth many mysterious and amazing places that throughout history the imagination of writers, scientists and, of course, ordinary people. Some of these places are so ancient, incomprehensible to scientists, sometimes even unfinished in its construction that it is impossible to answer the question, for what purpose they were constructed and why… of Course, on Earth a lot more amazing places with unknown structures, but in this small video we show you pictures of nineteen of the most famous and most mysterious places.

Stonehenge. Open to the public in the middle of the XX century, after the reconstruction, the English Stonehenge has attracted widespread attention of the world. Megalithic constructions, of course, have been here a long time, talking about it as the stories and old drawings and photographs, but much more megalithic stones were fallen, than now, after the ” reconstruction “. About the purpose of the construction there are several scientific hypotheses, starting from the burial chambers, to the Observatory (reconstruction of the monument on the computer is the solar and lunar calendars). Mystics and people are still talking about the druids. Continue reading