Admiral St Volodymyr’s Cathedral

The Cathedral laid on 15 July 1854 on the Central city hill. During the war, 1854-55 work were preostanovlena and continued only in 1858 the Cathedral was built in Byzantine style by the Professor of architecture K. A. Ton, the original project was modified and changed by academician A. A. Avdeyev.
The history of the Cathedral began in 1825, when chief commander of the black sea fleet and the ports Admiral A. S. Graig asked the Imperial permission to install a monument on the ruins of Chersonese, where they were baptised kN. Vladimir and where started the spread of the Orthodox faith in Russia. In 1829 a competition was announced for the monument. Was approved the project of architect K. A. ton (1794 – 1881) – a five-dome Cathedral in Russian and Byzantine style, combining characteristic elements and forms of old Russian architecture with elements and forms of Byzantine architecture. Continue reading

19 the most mysterious places on the Planet!

On Planet Earth many mysterious and amazing places that throughout history the imagination of writers, scientists and, of course, ordinary people. Some of these places are so ancient, incomprehensible to scientists, sometimes even unfinished in its construction that it is impossible to answer the question, for what purpose they were constructed and why… of Course, on Earth a lot more amazing places with unknown structures, but in this small video we show you pictures of nineteen of the most famous and most mysterious places.

Stonehenge. Open to the public in the middle of the XX century, after the reconstruction, the English Stonehenge has attracted widespread attention of the world. Megalithic constructions, of course, have been here a long time, talking about it as the stories and old drawings and photographs, but much more megalithic stones were fallen, than now, after the ” reconstruction “. About the purpose of the construction there are several scientific hypotheses, starting from the burial chambers, to the Observatory (reconstruction of the monument on the computer is the solar and lunar calendars). Mystics and people are still talking about the druids. Continue reading

Lithuania:Three capitals-Vilnius – Kaunas – Trakai

Lithuania is one of the countries of the Baltic sea coast with beautiful sandy beaches, clean air, colorful scenery, an abundance of historical and architectural monuments. The Capital Of Lithuania — Vilnius .


The bus Arrival in Vilnius at 07.50. Meeting. Breakfast in the cafe. Transfer to the hotel.

Air Flight from Kiev to Vilnius. Arrival. Transfer to the hotel of the chosen category (APL. additional 25 Euro/1-3 pers.).

Excursion to Trakai and Kaunas

Trakai, the ancient capital of Lithuania, just 30 km from Vilnius. The main attraction of the town is the famous Trakai castle, which stands on an island in lake galvė. Continue reading