The monastic complex Surb Khach – the national monument of Ukraine, is on the state books since 1963. Located in a wooded valley North-West slope of grytsia mountain (Holy cross, Saint, Monastery), 3.5 km South-West from the town of Staryi Krym, Kirov district of the Crimea.
For the beauty of its proportions and magnificence of Surb-Khach is the first in the Crimea among the monuments of Armenian architecture. The Church of the monastery survived since 1358 and its architecture is similar to temples of the XII – XIII centuries in Armenia.

Armenian monastery of Surb-Khach monastery in Crimea.
The Foundation of the monastery and apparatus in the Diocesan see of the Armenian Apostolic Church dates back to the mid fourteenth century Continue reading

Ten most unique churches of Ukraine

Christians have a spiritual tradition at Easter to go to Holy places. In our country there are amazing temples, about which we know very little, Why Pochayiv monastery called the second Jerusalem? Where Ukrainian Athos? And what famous Church in Kozelets?

“Heaven like” abode

Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra At all times since the XII century lived among Christians the rule: at least once in life to visit the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. And before that a great campaign of fasting and were definitely on foot, even from the farthest corners of the country! Being in Lavra, prayed fervently before the miraculous icons, received absolution, were cured of serious ailments, asked about the health and welfare of relatives. Such spiritual and personal achievement. …In the eleventh century, the priest Illarion withdrew from people and spent several years in the cave. Then he was elected Metropolitan, but at this sacred place came the monks Continue reading

The Temples Of Nikolaev.

From ancient times people worship the gods and build temples. The most ancient places of worship, known today belong to the XII – XX centuries BC, when Ancient Egypt was building its majestic temples in honor of the Supreme God Amon-RA. The temple of Karnak the SIXTEENTH century BC, listed in the Guinness book of world records. It is the largest ancient temple in the world. It consists of 40 temples.

In nikolayevshchina different peoples have lived, worshipped different deities, and built temples in ancient times. One of the sanctuaries in the territory of the Nikolaev area, found by archaeologists, is located in the city New Odessa (45 km North from Nikolaev). The altar found there, scientists attributed to copper 4-3 century BC Continue reading