Absheron region

The Absheron Lighthouse

The Eastern part of the Absheron Peninsula of the greater Caucasus. The Absheron called acting in the Caspian sea Absheron Peninsula to the Islands of Absheron and Baku archipelagos and adjacent to the West of the foothills of Gobustan. The Absheron Peninsula is the capital of Azerbaijan Baku v. The Absheron Peninsula is about 8 thousand sq km (9 % of Azerbaijani territory) but live here for more than a quarter of the population. Baku already in the 12th century became an important port on the Caspian sea. Through it was the trade of the East with Northern Europe, Russia, the Baltic States.

Inhabited Absheron since ancient times. There are ancient cyclopean buildings, fortresses, castles, temple of fire worshippers. rock tombs, various monuments of medieval architecture. Intensive construction of castles on the Absheron Peninsula began in the XII century. The elevation of the role of the port city of Baku in the state of Shirvanshahs had demanded the creation of a defensive system in the city, and the entire Absheron Peninsula. Continue reading