Tomsk catacombs

Tomsk underground: reality rooted in the myths? Engaged in the study of problems of Tomsk dungeons, I was amazed at the abundance of witnesses. They said that during excavation works in the basement or on the coastal slopes of the rivers found underground passages, and fortified with larch struts and timbers, or brick vaults. My University classmate Tomic Gregory Dubner claimed that the failure of the Gromov near bath saw the underground passage gigantic, fortified by a brick arch.

Dungeons very often met in the preparation of pits for construction. In 2003 Boris Maltsev, in a live interview on TV-2, Tomsk devoted to the dungeons, challenging me, said that most of them faced with them, being a Builder, and that they laid Tomsk merchants.

Along with the stories of eyewitnesses, Tomsk catacombs devoted to the huge wave of rumors. Scosta rumor attributes them to an enormous size. Area this object supposedly goes far beyond the scope of modern Tomsk, and there are moves under Tom. In depth, they extend far beyond imagination. According to rumors, under the current prospectus of Lenin is a huge underground passage, he is called “the Tomsk station”. Oddly enough, the frequent failures of soil along the Avenue casinobaccarat this rumor. But this is only rumored. Continue reading

7 amazing underwater structures

In 2001 in the artificial Qiandaohu hotel in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, at the foot of The Shi mountain (five Mountain lions) was discovered a city called Shi Cheng (lions City). The city belongs to the Eastern Han dynasty (25-200 years), it was flooded in 1959 during the construction of the reservoir. The age of the city is 1800 years old, and its area is 62 football fields. In ancient times, Shi Cheng was an important political and economic center, unlike other cities it has five gates and not four, as was customary in that era. Shi Cheng is located at a depth of 26 to 40 meters, which was very difficult for archeologists.

The herakleon (or Heraklion) is a sunken city in the Bay of Abu-Kir near Alexandria — was once the main port of Egypt. According to legend, the town got its name in honor of Hercules, and one day he was visited by the Lovely Helen, which started the Trojan war. The city sank into the sea in the VI century and remained lost for 1200 years. Previously, Herakleon was considered just a legend, mentioned by Homer, but marine archaeologists have discovered gold coins, sculpture with a height of 4.8 m, slabs with inscriptions and sarcophagi with mummified animals. Continue reading

Mysteries of the era of megaliths

Since ancient times, come down to us a rich heritage, painting, poetry, music, but most of all I admire architecture of the past. Huge cyclopean structures, it strikes imagination with its grandeur and its ubiquity. Egypt, Feast, Easter island, UK, Asia and everywhere else the old man had left a memory in the form of Grand buildings, built of megaliths, weighing up to 100 tone, and more. What is it? Why is there such heavy the craze for ancient civilizations?

Due to low development of production, suddenly these enormous projects that can be performed only by an advanced civilization with a well-functioning economy. And it’s not technology, the problem is the capacity of the economy and population. If in those days, a tribe decided to tell off the many millions of their fellow citizens on such a global construct, it is necessary to consider that the tribe should have the necessary resources to provide workers employed on the construction of the megaliths. It’s food, clothes, instruments of production. Imagine, dear readers, when those imperfect methods of subsistence farming, how many people had to serve those who built these masterpieces? How many lands had to handle? All of this just beggars belief. Continue reading