Gothic style in architecture

The style was born in France in the mid-twelfth-century contemporaries it was called French. Italian architects three centuries later, comparing it with classical Roman architecture. dubbed the style “Gothic” (ital. gotico – cruel, brutal).

The impression of Gothic structures – the aspiration of the entire structure up. Pointed arches reaching for the sky, to the top of the building becomes more slender, like a thin stalk of a plant. The Romanesque arch from heavy slabs were replaced by a more lightweight frame. Gothic arch based on the arch with protruding ribs of the frame – ribs, which distribute the load on pillars and columns. Born new Gothic shaped support column, or “beam”, of six, eight, or more columns. He reduced the load on the wall and eased overlap, which allowed to increase the interior volume of the building. Windows increased in size, which allowed to decorate their beautiful stained-glass Windows; the simple style in perfect harmony with the bright and glowing against the Sandstone colored Windows. These innovations allowed the Gothic churches the more air and light. Continue reading

The lock function

Castles – buildings scattered all over the state of Aden. Owning a castle, the clan gets political and economic control over surrounding the castle area, including the ability to raise taxes in subordinate cities. Castle has similar functions and Hall of the Clan, however, the functions of the castle more. You can navigate both inside the castle and outside, using the Portal Keeper.

By default, the Lord has full control over the castle and operates it for himself alone, but through the window of the Privileges he is able to shift some functions to the players of his clan.

The Lord can change the tax in the slave shops of the city and to earn income from the Herald. Since the city of Aden is the capital of the eponymous state, its castle collects taxes not only from the Aden, but also with the cities of Gludio, Dion, Giran, Oren and Innadril. Rune, being the centre of the Kingdom of Elmore, collects taxes from suchart and Goddard.

The Lord of each castle also disposes of the manor, sells seeds to his site and buys the products grown from these seeds. Finally, the Lord has the exclusive right to climb into the sky riding on a giant dragon and take flight. Continue reading

Lutheran Church in Sudak

Lutheran Church in Sudak is a monument of German culture and architecture in the Crimea, built in 1887 for German colonists, who came at the invitation of Catherine II. Geographically located in the Cozy village, but today it has practically merged with the town of Sudak, can be safely attributed to the Church Sudak attractions.

Lutheran Church is geographically located in the Cozy village, but today it has practically merged with the town of Sudak, can be safely attributed to the Church Sudak attractions. On the monument of German history and culture there is a memorial plaque with an inscription stating that the present building of the Church from 1887 to 30-ies of XX century was located on the territory of the former German colony of Sudak fortress. Continue reading